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  • BLM's Popularity Is a Politically-Motivated Myth

    by Ken Blackwell

    July 29, 2020: The supposed popularity of "Black Lives Matter, Inc." is a complete fantasy - willfully repeated ad nauseam by the left and the media - that is distorting public discourse around the wave of radicalism that has ravaged our cities this summer.

  • Memo to Congress: Everyone Benefits From Health Care Price Transparency

    by Ken Blackwell

    July 21, 2020: Carbery Campbell taught in Spain this spring and unfortunately contracted the coronavirus while traveling back to Florida. She did the right thing and got tested at her local hospital. Thankfully, Carbery beat the coronavirus but was punished with a bill of $6,545 for simple tests and a few hours spent in a waiting room. The lack of price transparency in our health-care system leads to unexpected bills like the one Carbery received.

  • Black Lives Don't Matter To Black Lives Matter

    by Ken Blackwell

    July 7, 2020: Black Lives Matter doesn't really care about saving or improving black lives - just look at the wave of violence that took dozens of black lives - including three children - over the Independence Day weekend, with hardly a murmur of protest from BLM leaders.

  • Race, Justice and Religious Liberty In the World

    by Ken Blackwell

    June 8, 2020: As an African American who has held elected office at the state and local level, and served as the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Commission, I believe a full and frank discussion on issues of race and injustice is important.

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