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  • Planned Parenthood: Tear Down This Wall!

    by Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison

    August 03, 2015: President Reagan went to West Berlin in 1987 and called upon Soviet Communist ruler Mikhail Gorbachev to "Tear Down this Wall." The President was also working against a near-total blackout of Western media coverage of the Berlin Wall. As former PBS news anchor Robert MacNeil said at the Newseum in 2009, the only time mainstream reporters covered the Berlin Wall was when U.S. Presidents-JFK and Reagan-went there. Then they had to.

  • How the abortion tide turns

    by Ken Blackwell

    August 02, 2015: A new Facebook profile photo is beginning to spread on the Internet, especially among members of the rising millennial generation. It's a picture of a baby within the womb. Superimposed on the baby is an equal sign.

  • President Obama: Out of (Touch with) Africa

    by Ken Blackwell and Rob Schwarzwalder

    July 29, 2015: President Obama's sentimental journey to East Africa should have been a harmonious one. He used the occasion of a toast to Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta to joke about his own search for his birth certificate. The usual round of VIP visits and dinners were marred, however, by this president's insistence on pushing his radical social agenda on Africans.

  • President Obama to Abortionists: 'Thank you, Planned Parenthood. God bless you.'

    by Ken Blackwell

    July 24, 2015: Planned Parenthood pays no taxes. Under President Obama, made more than $500 million in profits, but they claim to be a "non-profit" organization. They kill more 800 children every day. And they have from the earliest days targeted minority women. They once had a "Negro Ministers" project designed to recruit black pastors to push first birth control and then abortion in minority neighborhoods.

  • Battle Lines for Religious Liberty and Same-Sex 'Marriage' Set

    by Ken Blackwell

    July 06, 2015: Kelly Shackelford's debate with Evan Wolfson on Fox News Sunday highlights the battle lines for religious liberty in America now that the Supreme Court has grossly overstepped its authority by declaring same-sex "marriage" a constitutional right. The issue is whether religious liberty extends to how you earn your living, get an education, and run a business.

  • War On Truth: It's A Progressive Disease

    by Ken Blackwell

    July 02, 2015: Do you feel like America has gone crazy? The Supreme Court's outrageous decisions in the Obamacare and same-sex marriage cases, in which the Court simply ignored the plain meanings of words and the Constitution, and thumbed its nose at the most basic facts of life, are only the latest examples of our nation turning its back on truth and common sense.

  • Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Starts New Religious Freedom War

    by Ken Blackwell

    June 26, 2015: Observant Christians - and adherents of other faiths - are reeling from the Supreme Court's declaration of a constitutional right to same-sex marriage and preparing for an unprecedented struggle for their right to express their beliefs and live their lives accordingly, as new battles will now be waged unless and until a future Supreme Court reverses course.

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