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  • Christian Persecution, Religious Freedom Explored in 'Silence'

    by Peter Sprigg

    January 13, 2017: "Religious Freedom Day" is observed each year on January 16. This year, perhaps surprisingly, Hollywood has given us a reminder of why the principle of religious freedom is so important - to avoid the persecution of religious dissenters that has stained so much of world history.

  • Navy Begins Transgender Indoctrination

    by Peter Sprigg

    December 18, 2016: With only a few weeks left of Barack Obama's presidency, his administration is doing all it can to solidify the radical changes it has introduced - especially in the armed forces. After winning repeal in 2010 (from a lame duck Congress) of the law against homosexuality in the armed forces, the administration set out in 2016 to complete its extreme LGBT makeover of the military by opening the doors to transgender service members as well. Defense Secretary Ash Carter revoked longstanding policies against transgender military service on July 1, 2016, and a year later, on July 1, 2017, the armed forces are currently scheduled to begin actively recruiting persons who identify as transgender.

  • A transgender military is a weaker, compromised military

    by Peter Sprigg

    December 8, 2016: Donald Trump's election as president, and the reelection of a Republican House and Senate, have created an opportunity for America "to rebuild our military" - a pledge that Trump made during his campaign.

  • The Transgender Movement and 'Gender Identity' in the Law

    by Peter Sprigg

    February 16, 2016: Virtually all people have a biological sex, identifiable at birth and immutable through life, which makes them either male or female. The transgender movement represents a denial of this physical reality.

  • Same-Sex Marriage Will Affect the Pews Before the Pulpit

    by Peter Sprigg

    July 14, 2015: The Supreme Court has asserted that the U. S. Constitution mandates all 50 states to license civil "marriages" between same-sex couples. You are a pastor who believes that God ordained marriage to be exclusively the union of one man and one woman. You know research shows that, on average, husbands and wives-and children raised by a married mother and father-are happier, healthier, and more prosperous than people in other living situations.

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