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  • Our Culture Needs Marriage, Because It Needs Mothers

    by Cathy Ruse

    May 10, 2020: "Far more people appear to suffer alone," according to an article on The Washington Post. A tragic consequence of the coronavirus pandemic? Yes, to be sure, but this quote comes from a story filed in 2006 about a study on social isolation.

  • The Plague of Morally Toxic Public Schools

    by Cathy Ruse

    February 1, 2020: What would happen if a child were to spend most of his waking hours, during most of his formative years, in an institution bent on persuading him to adopt certain fundamental beliefs?

  • School Board Sex Politics With Students in Fairfax County

    by Cathy Ruse

    October 30, 2019: I live in Fairfax County, which is the 10th largest public-school district in the nation. But I never focused on our public schools. My kids go to Catholic schools, and that was the center of our universe. I never focused, that is, until I heard that the Fairfax County School Board voted to let boys into the girls' bathrooms.

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