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  • Don't Buy the Same-Sex Marriage Tidal Wave Illusion

    by Cathy Ruse

    June 19, 2015: If same-sex marriage comes to America, it will not be because Americans asked for it. In the last 15 years the question was put to the people in nearly every state of the union. Even in liberal states like California, even on ballots in purely democratic primaries, the people voted overwhelmingly to keep the definition of marriage unchanged.

  • Justices Shouldn't Impose Same-Sex Marriage on the Nation

    by Cathy Ruse

    June 12, 2015: When the Supreme Court heard arguments involving one of the most contentious social issues in modern American history, one side asked the court to choose winners and losers in the same-sex marriage debate, the other asked the people of each state to be allowed decide for themselves.

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