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  • Dems in a panic as a major Planned Parenthood funding source is at risk

    by Kelly Marcum

    April 06, 2018: Congressional Democrats are in a panic over Title X, the federal government's family planning program. That's because even though the recent omnibus spending bill once again allotted $286.479 million to fund the program, Republicans in Congress held the line on ensuring the Department of Health and Human Services has flexibility to change regulations governing how it is spent.

  • Despite Leftist Outcry, Americans Don't Want Federally Funded Pornographic Sex Ed

    by Kelly Marcum

    February 20, 2018: The Trump administration is bringing back sexual risk avoidance, or abstinence-based, education, and many on the Left are not happy. When the administration's 2018 budget proposed cutting former President Obama's ineffective and expensive Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPP), which uses the comprehensive sex education model of sexual risk reduction, the mainstream media predicted an apocalypse signaled by unplanned pregnancies.

  • A Traditional Marriage Student Group Has Been Branded a 'Hate Group'

    by Kelly Marcum

    November 01, 2017: In today's bitter political climate, there are few labels more intellectually lazy than "hate group." When you label an entity as a "hate group," you automatically demonize it and remove from your shoulders any mantle of responsibility to dialogue or engage in civil discourse with this denounced entity.

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