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  • Symposium: American Legion lays the groundwork for the downfall of Lemon

    by Travis Weber

    June 21, 2019: The Supreme Court's decision in American Legion v. American Humanist Association no doubt broadly pleased conservative constitutionalists who thought the Peace Cross should remain standing under the First Amendment. It likely irked those, such as the challengers to the constitutionality of this memorial, who believe the establishment clause should eliminate much religious expression and symbolism (often Christian) from the public square. The real significance of the decision and many opinions in the case, however, is that they put Lemon v. Kurtzman on the ropes and lay the groundwork for its test to be felled in the future - perhaps sooner than we think.

  • Targeting of Karen Pence is wake-up call to all Christians

    by Travis Weber

    January 21, 2019: Vice President Pence's wife Karen has come under withering attack in recent days from many in the media. From this "reporting," one might think she has transgressed some obvious social boundary of a civilized society. In reality, the big "scoop" is that this Christian wife and mother, whose Christian beliefs are important to her, is teaching at a Christian school, which being Christian, holds to Christian beliefs about marriage.

  • On Religious Freedom Day, consider life in countries without it

    by Travis Weber

    January 16, 2019: Our annual Jan. 16 celebration of Religious Freedom Day, commemorating the passage of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom 233 years ago, reminds us of the roots of cultural acceptance necessary for religious freedom to truly flourish in any society. While modeled in the formation of the U.S., religious freedom is not exclusively an American idea, but a human right for all people. Halfway around the world, the saga of Asia Bibi's blasphemy case in Pakistan is not yet over, but it is already highlighting the cultural deficit of religious freedom in that country for the world to see. More unexpectedly, this case is exposing the religious freedom rot in other nations through their inability to respond effectively to the crisis.

  • Pastor Brunson's Release: A View From the Courtroom

    by Travis Weber

    November 26, 2018: Perhaps no international religious freedom case has gotten more attention in the United States in recent years than that of imprisoned American Pastor Andrew Brunson, who Turkey detained for over two years on politically motivated charges of espionage and terrorism. Labeled as a hated American spy, Pastor Brunson's case attracted even more attention within that country, most of it not welcome. I was visibly reminded of this as I drove past the armed troops stationed along the road leading to the detention center near Aliaga, Turkey, upon which I descended with others to monitor the latest hearing in the case against him as part of my work on religious freedom.

  • The Kavanaugh Circus Shows The Supreme Court's Political Power Is Out of Control

    by Travis Weber

    October 3, 2018: If there is anything our country has learned from the hype, drama, and antics surrounding Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing, it is that the Supreme Court is far too important in our nation's political system. The high price we pay for politicizing the confirmation process includes not only destroyed trust in our system of government or the decorum of the Senate, but also the totally unnecessary emotional toll on families like those of Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford.

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