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  • Marching for Lives

    by David Closson

    January 24, 2020: Today in our nation's capital, hundreds of thousands of people will mark the 47th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion by participating in the 47th annual March for Life. The pro-life movement has been gaining momentum in recent years, driven by increased pro-life sentiment nationwide. Two days ago, a new Marist poll indicated that 65 percent of Americans are likely to vote for a candidate who supports significant restrictions on abortion. Notably, 47 percent of respondents who identify as "pro-choice" support restrictions on abortion (compared to 98 percent who identify as "pro-life"). The Marist poll also revealed that 76 percent of Americans (including 61 percent of Democrats) oppose using taxpayer dollars to fund abortion overseas.

  • Liberty in the Things of God (Book Review)

    by David Closson

    November 19, 2019: A widely-held paradigm in Western intellectual history is that religious freedom originated with enlightened intellectuals during the seventeenth century. By this telling, philosophers fatigued by Europe's never-ending wars of religion introduced new concepts about toleration and religious freedom which helped usher in the modern age. It was only as institutional religion weakened and religious beliefs diversified that the state saw liberty of conscience as a right worth protecting. Christian theology is usually seen as an unhelpful impediment to the emergence of today's liberal consensus on religious freedom, if it is considered at all.

  • Why Christians must care about the international persecuted church

    by David Closson and Arielle Del Turco

    November 18, 2019: Around the world, Christians increasingly face harassment, arbitrary imprisonment, and even death because of their faith. An independent review in the U.K. found this summer that Christians were on the receiving end of 80% of religiously motivated discrimination around the world. Open Doors USA estimates that 245 million Christians currently face persecution for their faith. Despite the severity of this problem, the American church has not always given this issue the attention it deserves.

  • Religious liberty is in the Bible

    by David Closson

    October 03, 2019: At his third visit to the United Nations General Assembly, President Trump impressed upon world leaders the importance of religious freedom, a topic rarely discussed at the U. N. Specifically, the president noted that "80 percent of the world's population lives in countries where religious liberty is in significant danger or even completely outlawed." (He focused extensively on China and Iran). He promised "Americans will never tire in our effort to defend and promote freedom of worship and religion."

  • The Human Dignity of Klopfer's Victims

    by David Closson and Lauren Kaylor

    September 27, 2019: The abortion industry's utter disdain for human dignity is on grotesque display in the bizarre legacy of Ulrich Klopfer. A week after the longtime, disgraced abortionist died, his family discovered 2,246 medically preserved fetuses on his property in Illinois. Klopfer, an infamous abortionist in Indiana, performed tens of thousands of abortions over the course of 40 years before his medical license was suspended in 2016.

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