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  • 'Black Lives Matter' Around The World, Including In Nigeria Amid Rising Violence

    by Lela Gilbert

    June 9, 2020: For good reason, there has been a national outcry about the brutal death of George Floyd, a black man who died under the knee of a white police officer in Minneapolis. The video of Floyd's struggle for life continues to shock and horrify viewers. Anyone with a sense of human decency is appalled by his story and by all racially motivated law enforcement injustices.

  • India Is A U.S. Ally While Persecuting Christians

    by Lela Gilbert

    May 21, 2020: India is one of the world's most enticing tourist destinations, offering photogenic locales and an enticing and vibrant culture. Today, however, the sub-continent's teeming population has been assaulted by COVID-19, stifling tourism and most recently hosting more confirmed coronavirus cases than the total reported by China- about 90,000.

  • A Mother's Day Prayer for a Nigerian Miracle

    by Lela Gilbert

    May 8, 2020: For most of us, Mother's Day marks an annual occasion for celebrating the blessings of family. While celebrations will be different this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of us can still look forward to a family video chat, surprise bouquets and gifts, and the promise of hugs and kisses for mom and grandma once the world returns to normal.

  • China's people of faith: Canaries in Xi Jinping's coal mine

    by Lela Gilbert

    April 2, 2020: Call it COVID-19. Or novel coronavirus. Or the now-politically incorrect term "Chinese flu." But thanks to the virus's unrivaled global threat, all eyes are now fixed on China and its Communist administration. The world is watching how President Xi Jinping behaves, what he seeks, and what is hidden behind his regime's fiercely protected public face.

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