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  • China's people of faith: Canaries in Xi Jinping's coal mine

    by Lela Gilbert

    April 02, 2020: Call it COVID-19. Or novel coronavirus. Or the now-politically incorrect term "Chinese flu." But thanks to the virus's unrivaled global threat, all eyes are now fixed on China and its Communist administration. The world is watching how President Xi Jinping behaves, what he seeks, and what is hidden behind his regime's fiercely protected public face.

  • Iran's Imprisoned Christians Face Yet Another Danger: COVID-19

    by Lela Gilbert

    March 26, 2020: "The new coronavirus kills one person every 10 minutes in Iran," according to Kianush Jahanpur, Iran's health ministry spokesman tweeted. "Based on our information, every 10 minutes one person dies from the coronavirus and some 50 people become infected with the virus every hour in Iran." On Tuesday, March 24, the death toll in the Middle East's worst-affected country climbed to 1,934. More than 24,811 Iranians are currently infected.

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