Take Action: Fox Sportscaster Fired for His Faith

Imagine being an expert in your field of work, only to be fired -- not for something related to your job performance -- but for your religious beliefs.

That's what happened to veteran sportscaster Craig James. The longtime football commentator was hired by Fox Sports Southwest to do what he does best: talk about football. After a single day on the job, James was called into management's office and sacked. "The reason, said [Fox Sports Southwest's Jon] Heidtke, was that somebody higher up in the chain of command had been made aware of James's comments during his unsuccessful 2012 Senate run about gay marriage."

In the course of that Texas U.S. Senate campaign, Craig was asked -- as all candidates are -- about his views on marriage and sexuality. As a Christian, James was forthright about his views. Citing his faith, James pledged not to support same-sex unions -- a view espoused by the Texas constitution, the vast majority of Texans, and a majority of Americans.

Fox Sports fired him from his sports broadcasting job despite federal law prohibiting such religious discrimination.

What Fox Sports did is much worse than censorship. What Fox Sports is doing is demanding conformity on issues that aren't even relevant to James's job -- then threatening his livelihood when he refuses. That's not your garden variety viewpoint discrimination; it's ideological terrorism. And it has to stop.

Fortunately, our friends at Liberty Institute are already taking steps to ensure that it does. Attorneys representing Craig James have written the network outlining the potential religious harassment lawsuit that awaits if Fox Sports doesn't reinstate the popular football commentator. "Craig James believes that he, as a Christian, is called to love everyone regardless of their sexual orientation. [He] simply wants to receive the same tolerance for his religious beliefs that he himself practices toward others."

In the meantime, you can help by writing to Fox Sports and demanding that James be reinstated. No one should be fired simply because of their religious beliefs on marriage.

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