Family Research Council

Your Gift's Impact

By God’s grace, we are honored to share a few FRC highlights to show how your prayers and support have advanced faith, family, and freedom in America.

  • FRC gathered over 16,000 prayer pledges for Pastor Andrew Brunson who was wrongly imprisoned in Turkey for almost two years, and FRC president Tony Perkins was able to hand deliver them to Pastor Brunson before his final trial date where he was surprisingly released from prison.
  • FRC experts filed a number of amicus briefs in pivotal cases like: Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, and American Legion v. American Humanist Association.
  • After years of FRC working to educate leaders on why freedom of religion must be a top priority in our national conversations and policy, we celebrated a historic victory in July 2018 as the U.S. State Department held its first ever Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom.
  • We have seen many victories for conservative policies in the last few years, especially for religious freedom in the U.S. armed forces including the Trump administration reversing the Obama era-social experimentation policy of allowing individuals to serve who openly identify as transgender.
  • We have recently expanded our Center for Religious Liberty so that we can more holistically deal with religious freedom—whether the threat is to us here in the United States or to fellow believers around the world.
  • Over 730 students have been trained to be the next generation of scholars and world-shakers through our multifaceted internship program.
  • With all the noise of fake news and leftist attempts to marginalize conservative viewpoints, we educate engaged believer through Washington Watch with Tony Perkins which reaches 289 stations, in 39 states, with population coverage of 70 million.
  • In 2018, FRC published 104 op-eds that reached a circulation of more than 15 million.
  • In 2018, FRC held 46 Watchmen on the Wall pastor briefings in 19 states and conducted 14 Culture Impact Team trainings, including a national webcast event. We currently have over 8,004 CITs and 14,525 Watchmen pastors standing with us.
  • Our Government Affairs team works behind the scenes on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures to lobby for pro-faith, pro-life, and pro-freedom policies, and has played a significant role in recent key legislative victories at the state and federal levels. To read about these wins and more FRC highlights, click here.

THANK YOU for partnering with us!