Family Research Council Statement on Confirmation of Kyle Duncan to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Trump’s nominee for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, Kyle Duncan, was confirmed by the Senate today. Duncan’s confirmation is another brick in President Trump’s lasting judicial legacy. Family Research Council (FRC) scored in favor of the vote on the motion to proceed.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the follow congratulatory statement in response:

“President Trump continues to keep his promise to appoint constitutionalists to the courts, and now the Senate is following his lead in confirming Kyle Duncan to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The president has been very clear about the type of judges that he would appoint: judges who will interpret the Constitution and laws according to the plain meaning of the words written. 

“I have known Kyle Duncan for a number of years going back to my time in state government in Louisiana.  Kyle is an experienced litigator – arguing cases throughout the country including at the appellate and Supreme Court levels. In addition to being well-qualified, I am confident that he will adhere to the text of the Constitution. 

What we’ve seen with Kyle Duncan is that he’s sharp. He’s had some tremendous experiences as the general counsel of the Becket Fund. He oversaw the successful Hobby Lobby challenge to the HHS contraceptive mandate, a crucial case in which the Supreme Court upheld religious liberty.

“Kyle has shown himself to be one who can clearly defend and articulate the significance of our laws and Constitution,” Perkins concluded.