FRC Ad Urges Boy Scout Delegates to Reject Resolution, Preserve Scouting's Timeless Values
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FRC Ad Urges Boy Scout Delegates to Reject Resolution, Preserve Scouting's Timeless Values

Boy Scout delegates to vote today on Resolution Introducing Open Homosexuality

GRAPEVINE, TX - Family Research Council (FRC) and allied organization published a joint advertisement in today's edition of the Dallas Morning News that calls on Boy Scouts of America (BSA) delegates to vote against a resolution that would introduce open homosexuality into Scouting's ranks, and in all likelihood, into Scouting leadership.

FRC joined with and Texas Values at yesterday's rally in support of the current BSA policy regarding open homosexuality in the organization. The rally was held in Grapevine, Texas, where BSA leaders will meet and vote today on the proposed policy change.

Yesterday, more than 50 religious leaders released a statement calling on the BSA to maintain its current policy and oppose the proposed change.

Rob Schwarzwalder, senior vice president of FRC and the father of two current Boy Scouts, is in Grapevine and is available for interviews following today's vote. He offered the following comments:

"The Boy Scouts of America has been one of the most successful organizations in America for more than 100 years. Countless boys and young men have had their lives changed by their participation in Scouting. However, if this resolution is approved today, the impact on the organization will be devastating. Even BSA's officials admit that the organization will likely lose anywhere from 200,000 to 400,000 youth and financial losses of $30 million. A similar policy forced on Scouts in Canada has resulted in massive membership losses.

"Scouts take an oath to be 'morally straight.' That can't mean one thing to one boy and something fundamentally different to another. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

"As the delegates consider this resolution, we are optimistic that they will ultimately reject this resolution and recognize that issues of sexuality do not belong in Scouting but are the exclusive right of parents to discuss with their sons."

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