New Mexico Court Decision Redefining Marriage Turns Logic on its Head

New Mexico Court Decision Redefining Marriage Turns Logic on its Head

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 19, 2013
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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Family Research Council (FRC) President Tony Perkins released the following statement regarding the New Mexico Supreme Court's decision to redefine marriage in the state:

"The New Mexico Supreme Court has turned logic on its head by redefining what marriage has always been throughout human history, including the history of the state itself.

"This is a court that has elevated ideological conformity above everything else. This is the same court that only four months ago ruled against a Christian photographer who, citing her deeply held religious beliefs, declined to work a same-sex commitment ceremony.

"Within the last few weeks alone, we have witnessed other serious consequences of redefining marriage. For example, a Colorado baker is risking jail if he refuses to obey a court order to bake a cake for same-sex 'weddings' in contradiction to his Christian faith. And earlier this month, a federal judge cited same-sex marriage in his decision striking down Utah's law against polygamy.

"These consequences continue to draw more Americans' attention to the serious threat to religious liberty posed by the courts and government agencies when it comes to redefining marriage. Rather than live-and-let-live, this is a court that is forcing people to violate the basic teachings of their faith, or lose their jobs," concluded Perkins.


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