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Call2Fall is This Sunday, June 30th

June 28, 2019

Jesus said, "My house will be called a house of prayer..." (Matthew 21:13). Our response to Christ's declaration, coupled with the promises of 2 Chronicles 7:14, give hope to our nation. A massive interdenominational prayer movement is underway, standing in the gap for America. Praying churches are key to lasting churchwide revival and awakening. Hopefully your church is one of thousands that routinely observe the Call2Fall. If so, THANK YOUR PASTOR! If not, it is still not too late! Call2Fall is simple and many pastors have invited their people to participate spontaneously, on Call2Fall Sunday, with great effect.

This Sunday, June 30th, 2019, thousands of churches across our land will join together in humble prayer for our nation in the Call2Fall. This call to humble prayer and repentance began 11 years ago when FRC President Tony Perkins, after delivering a message on "repentance" at a large local church, was stopped by an elderly lady who challenged him to focus on repentance and prayer for our nation more than ever and to call all Americans to their knees. During a few short years since then, an estimated two million believers and thousands of churches had joined together on their knees in repentant prayer. Call2Fall became a movement. Many pastors have reported Call2Fall to be a significant catalyst or boost to the prayer life of their church. I want to invite you and your church to join hearts with us as we pray for America this Sunday, June 30th, 2019.

Watch Tony's short video about the heartfelt prayer in the first Continental Congress. At another desperate time in our nation's history, their prayers moved our Founding Fathers to tears, and to nation-changing faith and action. You will find the true story inspiring. Like our Founding Fathers on the eve of war with Great Britain, we will join together to declare our dependence upon God this Sunday -- before we celebrate Independence Day on Thursday.

If you are a pastor, please set aside a few minutes in your church's June 30th worship service to pray for our nation. Listen to Dr. Ronnie Floyd's short message FOR PASTORS ONLY. Show Tony's short video, or study and use one or more of the many resources available on the website (church bulletin inserts, music, sermon starters, quotations, banners, graphics, etc.). As we persevere in united repentance and seek God in heartfelt prayer, He will hear our cries and respond. We stand with you in great expectation of a mighty move of God!

Churches and individuals can sign up at by clicking "COUNT ME IN." If your church is not participating, please sign up and lead your family, friends, prayer group, or other small group in the Call2Fall, and forward this to as many of your friends as possible! Feel free to post any of the great resources on or the Call2Fall Facebook page. Call2Fall may not be the nationwide solemn assembly (Joel 2:12-18) our nation needs, but it is a step in that direction. And it points us all toward the kind of prayer we all need every day given our nation's desperate moral and spiritual condition. God is eager to hear this kind of heartfelt prayer.

Thank you and may God be glorified this Sunday!