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Prayer Targets: Dr. Floyd; NDP - Unity; Church Shooting; Vet Sunday; Sex-Ed; Elections; Antifa; Judges

November 08, 2017

Dear Praying Friends,

President of the Southern Baptist Convention from 2014-2016, Dr. Ronnie Floyd is the Senior Pastor of the 9,000 member Cross Church, founder of the Cross Church School of Ministry, and host of the regular podcast: Ronnie Floyd on Life and Leadership Today. In August, Floyd was named President of the National Day of Prayer Task Force. In late-September, he urged believers to make unity in the church and the nation a matter of concerted prayer. We highlighted the same theme in our Prayer Targets (see Unity Prayer; More Unity). Here are excerpts from Dr. Floyd's How To Pray For America... Four Prayer Priorities:

1. Ask God to Bring Together His Church in America as a Witness to the World --

Let's walk in unity by praying for these four priorities in our nation... As you pray, imagine thousands of others standing in agreement in prayer for our nation.

May they all be one, as you, Father, are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us, so that the world may believe you sent me. John 17:21

  • Lord, regardless of our own preferences or traditions, draw each of your followers together as a witness of Jesus to the entire world.
  • Father, use Your Church to serve as the unifying body of people in America.
  • Holy Spirit, wake up Your Church to spiritual revival, experiencing the manifest presence of God as a people.

2. Trust God to turn the leaders of our nation toward His Word and will.

A king's heart is like channeled water in the Lord's hand: He directs it wherever he chooses. Proverbs 21:1

  • Lord Jesus, we ask You to turn the heart of our President, Vice President, and both houses of Congress toward Your Word and Your ways.
  • Father, we ask You to turn the hearts of all our political leaders to come together for the good of our nation.
  • Holy Spirit, we ask You to place God's armor upon each of our leaders, protecting them and their families in every way.

3. Appeal to God to bring the next Great Spiritual Awakening to America in our generation.

Besides this, since you know the time, it is already the hour for you to wake up from sleep, because now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. Romans 13:11

  • Father, we ask that Your sovereign will be for the next Great Spiritual Awakening to occur in our generation.
  • Lord Jesus, because of Your grace, pour out Your power upon our nation, bringing forth a spiritual awakening that will result in millions coming to faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Holy Spirit, move Your Church to pray extraordinarily until we see the next Great Spiritual Awakening in our generation.

4. Believe God with us as we work toward the 2018 National Day of Prayer, May 3, 2018.

Ask and it will be given to you. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7

  • Lord, we know that You know the things we need before we ask, but we ask You to move churches, denominations, and ministries toward leading and participating in the 2018 National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 3.
  • Oh God, please call forth and mobilize thousands upon thousands of volunteers to help us lead thousands upon thousands of prayer gatherings across America on Thursday, May 3, 2018.
  • Holy Spirit of God, we ask You to move people to support the daily and annual ministry of the National Day of Prayer through prayer, service, and giving.

Let's join together in clear agreement, visible union, and extraordinary prayer for these four prayer priorities in America... Now is the Time to Lead and to Pray!

Theme of the National Day of Prayer 2018: UNITY -- Last Thursday, November 2, Dr. Ronnie Floyd addressed the board, staff and volunteer leadership of the National Day of Prayer Task Force in Colorado Springs. In addition to laying out his vision as the new President of the organization, he revealed the theme of 2018's National Day of Prayer: Unity. The outline from his blog, excerpted above, will provide a general outline for the kind of extraordinary prayer he is asking God's people to pursue both now and through the next year. Clearly, the racial, ideological, political, moral, and spiritual divisions in America are exacerbated by increasing hostility and violence and the seeming inability of political parties to find common ground on matters essential to the welfare, peace, and prosperity of all Americans. All this division poses a challenge to God's people, who are called by God to be the Salt and Light to our nation and the world. Dr. Floyd called upon the churches to rally to the call to unity in the church and to pray in unity for our nation to become unified. He declared, "As goes the church, so goes the nation." (Tony Perkins-Ronnie Floyd 8/22/17 interview [start at 7:11]; Watch Dr. Floyd's 11/6/17 Vision and Theme Speech; NDP history; Dr. Floyd's bio, NDP legal challenge)

  • May God use Dr. Ronnie Floyd and the NDP Task Force mightily. May the National Day of Prayer become the rallying point for the church and for America to truly repent, turn to God in prayer, and cry out to Him for our country. May He hear and act to forgive our mounting accumulation of sin and heal our land. (2 Chr 7:14Ps 119:126Is 58:1;64:1-3Lam 2:19; Joel 1:14)

Texas Church Massacre -- Survivors of the murderous attack on the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas have openly expressed their gratitude for the prayer of their fellow Americans. They are also boldly affirming their strong faith in God despite their loss (26 lost their lives ranging in age from pre-born to 77 years). The murderer, a self-professed atheist with a history of mental problems and serious domestic abuse, reportedly committed suicide after being shot and pursued by a quick-acting, NRA-trained Good Samaritan. Sadly, liberal celebrities and pundits took the opportunity of this tragic event to mock the prayers and hopes expressed by those in Sutherland Springs and around the nation. Ironically, our Facebook post last week highlighted last Sunday's International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.The accompanying photo depicted persecuted African Christians huddled in prayer. The caption read, "When we ask, 'What do you need?' Those in the persecuted Church quickly respond, 'WE NEED PRAYER!'" (see "We are Christians. We have read the book. We know the ending, and it's good"; Other Christian leaders respond; Hero with an AR-15; 12 still hospitalized; The Left's politics of preying; Profanity reactions; Scientists say faith made the difference)

  • May God visit the people of Sutherland Springs with great solace and comfort and give them strength to continue to shine for Christ in the aftermath of this terrible loss. May He visit the American people to reverse the ugly anti-Christian violence that has been trending in our land. (Job 13:14-15; Is 40:1-11; Jer 31:15; Rom 12:14-21; Rev 6:10-11)

Veterans Sunday -- This Saturday, November 11, is Veterans Day, and churches across America will observe Sunday, November 12 as Veterans Sunday. We ought often to pray for our active and retired servicemen and women who have sacrificed to serve and protect our nation, many having risked or given their very lives to preserve our precious freedoms. This is a moment to remind ourselves to pray for them year-round. For several years the members of our Armed Forces have been facing a direct assault on their own liberty even as they fight for ours. Organized efforts have been underway to strip our military service personnel of their most fundamental religious liberties. Many have been punished for simple acts of religious faith, others for refusing to deny their biblical beliefs regarding sexual anarchy. Organizations exist whose soul mission is to restrain Christian service members from openly practicing their faith. This alarming and escalating trend is documented in FRC's downloadable booklets Clear and Present Danger I and II and at Ask your pastor to set aside time on Sunday to honor and pray for our veterans. FRC's Dr. Kenyn Cureton has produced a downloadable Church Bulletin Insert for distribution to worship service attendees or placement in high-traffic areas of the church this Sunday.

  • May God help the American people to honor our veterans and to give them the support we owe them for their sacrifices for us all. May our churches set the example! (Jdg 5:18; 2 Sam 23 8-17 ff; Mt 5:16; Jn 15:13; Rom 13:7)

Please add these matters to your prayer list: 1) Rep. Bill Flores (R-Texas) and others are working to pass the Championing Healthy Kids Act to provide states with funds for sexual risk avoidance (SRA) programs. The Trump HHS, taking abortion, STD, and teen pregnancy problems seriously, is embarking on a major study to determine precisely how delaying sex will benefit young people. They'll also seek to discover why teen pregnancies are dropping while STDs are skyrocketing (see Ascend). 2) Several conservative members of the Virginia legislature lost their seats in yesterday's election. One 18-year veteran and solid Christian conservative, Bob Marshall, lost to the state's first ever openly transgender person to win a seat. Marshall was outspent 3 to 1, with most of the money coming from out of state. 3) The two-dozen city Antifa Revolution that the George Soros-backed group threatened to commence on Saturday, November 4 seems to have fizzled. 4) Senate Democrats have succeeded in radically slowing the process of confirming President Trump's conservative judicial appointees. We need concerted prayer to help break the logjam. Thank you for praying!