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Prayer Targets: On Our Need for Humiliation, Prayer, and Repentance

June 12, 2019

Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord... Acts 3:19

O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the Lord our maker. For he is our God; and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand... Psalm 95:6-7

Dear Praying Friends,

In 2009, Tony Perkins and FRC's Pastors Council, believing they were led by the Holy Spirit, initiated Call2Fall. Later that year, Dr. Kenyn Cureton crafted a resolution which he presented for consideration to the convention of one of America's largest Protestant denominations. Here is that resolution edited so that any Bible-believing church or ministry can use or modify it for their use. Please take time to read the resolution and my short addendum, and make plans to join us and multiplied thousands across the land for the Call2Fall on Sunday, June 30th during your regular church services, Sunday School class, family gathering, prison ministry, nursing home, military chapel, or prayer group -- wherever people of God gather in groups large or small.

WHEREAS, The Scriptures bear witness to God's passive and active judgment upon the sins of individuals and of nations (Romans 1:18-32; Amos 4:6-12); and

WHEREAS, God's instructions to King Solomon regarding temporal judgments upon the wayward nation contain enduring and applicable principles for God's people in all generations to answer His call to fall on our knees in humble prayer, to seek His face, and to turn from our wicked ways so that our sins might be forgiven, and our land be healed (2 Chronicles 7:13-14); and

WHEREAS, Several of Solomon's successors acknowledged the nation's departure from God and led the call for national repentance that resulted in revival and renewal (2 Chronicles 14-15; 29-31; 34-35); and

WHEREAS, American colonial leaders, the Continental Congress, Presidents and Governors, sensing the urgency of their time, issued numerous calls for humiliation, fasting and prayer; and

WHEREAS, John Hancock, Founding Father who presided over the signing of the Declaration, issued a Proclamation on the eve of the War for Independence calling citizens of his colony to observe a particular day (May 11, 1775) "to humble themselves before God under the heavy judgments felt and feared, to confess the sins that have deserved them, to implore the Forgiveness of all our transgressions, and a spirit of repentance and reformation... and a Blessing on the...Union of the American Colonies;" and

WHEREAS, President Abraham Lincoln, in the midst of the carnage of the Civil War, issued a Proclamation recognizing "the duty of nations as well as of men to own their dependence upon the overruling power of God, to confess their sins and transgressions in humble sorrow, yet with assured hope that genuine repentance will lead to mercy and pardon, and to recognize the sublime truth, announced in the Holy Scriptures and proven by all history, that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord;" and

WHEREAS, Churches and believers across our land will respond to God's call to bow before Him in humble repentance, prayer on June 30, many with fasting, because of the distressed condition of the country; and

WHEREAS, Today America's churches are in a state of moral compromise and in desperate need of revival, our moral and ethical behavior is not much different from the unbelieving world around us and, consequently, we have not been the salt and light God intended us to be, and our numbers are in decline; and

WHEREAS, Our nation is in a moral and spiritual freefall, which is evidenced by an estimated 60 million unborn children being aborted since 1973, and out of wedlock birth rate of 40%, the march of same-sex "marriage" and the homosexual agenda, the tragedy of divorce, the continuation of racism, the escalation of unethical business practices, substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, and a host of other sins; and

WHEREAS, From the tragedy of 9/11 to ongoing war to sporadic natural disasters to advancing diseases to severe moral collapse, we are experiencing what happens when a nation turns away from God and He removes His hand of protection and blessing; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That we urge all Americans who will, but especially those who profess faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, to heed the call to fall on our knees in humility so that we may seek the face of the Lord and turn from our waywardness and sin with the hope that He will hear us, forgive us, and heal our broken lives and land; and be it further

RESOLVED, That we affirm efforts such as the National Day of Prayer, The National Day of Repentance, The Global Day of Repentance and other biblical initiatives calling God's people to specific and meaningful times of humiliation, repentance and prayer for revival in our churches, spiritual awakening among the lost, moral renewal in our culture; and righteousness and justice in our government; and be it finally

RESOLVED, That we dedicate ourselves to the passionate pursuit of these ends until we see "times of refreshing from the Lord" return to our lives, our churches, and our nation (Acts 3:19).

(Notes: National Day of Prayer, About; Proclamation of John Hancock from Concord on APRIL 15, 1775 just days before the war began.; "Proclamation Appointing a National Fast Day," March 30, 1863;; Solemn Assembly Guides; The Solemn Assembly: Forgotten Means of God's Grace; Hope for the Survival of America By R.O. Roberts; Calling and Leading a Solemn Assembly & A Call to Solemn Assembly, Issued September 17, 1989 by Leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention: Douglas Beggs, Henry Blackaby, Minette Drumwright, Barbara Elder, T. W. Hunt, Avery Willis.)

There are many political and public policy matters that demand our attention. But this is even more important.

America faces existential threats as a nation from without and within. For example, consider the destructive and ungodly proposals being proffered by a vast number of men and women who are seeking to obtain positions of power to control future direction of our nation. Clearly, those who have put the advancement of abortion, perverse sexual behaviors, and socialistic federal government control foremost on their political agenda are either ignorant of or have chosen to defy God and his eternal morals laws. Nor have they learned the moral, political, or economic lessons of history (or have chosen to ignore them). Progressives have rejected the Ten Commandments, the basic (and biblical) principles of economics learned by the first settlers in Jamestown and Plymouth who rejected socialism, and the foundational principles set forth in both the Declaration and the Constitution. This should cause all Americans to quake.

Moreover, we have collectively cast off all native common sense that everyday Americans have historically enjoyed due to the common spiritual roots of our nation even if all were not born-again. More importantly, we have lost the fear of God, "the beginning of knowledge" and "wisdom." A large percentage of Americans are actively and aggressively defying the clear warnings of God's word from both the Old and New Testaments. God warns that curses and judgment (Deuteronomy 28: all) are the certain fruits of the kinds of behaviors that have exploded not only in American popular life and culture but have also worked their way into law and American government.

Not only have America's children been deprived of prayer, the reading of the Bible, and even the posting of the Ten Commandments in our public schools, but they are now being taught ideas that are antithetical to biblical truth. Not only are they being subjected to indoctrination that sexual practices the Bible condemns are OK, but they are also being taught that they may not be of the gender they were created to be as image bearers of God. Children are being allowed to choose their own gender identity, often without parental input, but sometimes with their active encouragement to "transition." A level of moral and spiritual confusion has invaded our nation that only men and women who embrace the fundamental truths of scripture can counteract by the proclamation of the gospel and the truths of the entire Bible (Acts 20:27).

But it is God's people who must shoulder much of the responsibility for the condition of our society. The early church proclaimed the gospel to citizens of heathen cultures, and radically influenced the entire western world. We who are alive today inherited a history and culture that was educated in biblical truth. But the church today has forgotten our Great Commission -- to preach the Gospel to every creature. Christ's vision is for us to be salt and light to the entire world. From a biblical point of view, our nation is fast sinking and most of our churches are conducting business as usual.

Even worse, we have embraced far too many of the sins of our popular culture. Evangelical apologist Josh McDowell has "described the porn situation within the Church as an 'epidemic,'" adding, "At least 78.8 percent of all men that attend evangelical churches watch pornography. Probably 80 percent of all evangelical youth pastors also watch pornography, and now, the greatest increase is among women and young ladies. It's killing us. 64 percent of all Christian families have an acute problem with pornography."

Three out of five divorces now are directly related to pornography. "Nothing erodes the church faster than pervasive internet pornography. Let's do something about it," he states. Further, his research shows:

  • Nine out of ten boys and six out of ten girls are exposed to porn by the age of 18.
  • Two out of five church-going men watch porn several times a week (Epidemic; More).

Christ appointed us to be salt and light to the world. He expressed that call amid the Beatitudes where he explained that God desires not only outward obedience but inward purity. A careless church, whose men and women are not wholly consecrated to Christ in heart and mind, are not going to hear from God and be empowered to turn our desperate nation back to God. Compromised Christians and a compromised church are the greatest threat to the survival of America. But if we repent and give ourselves wholly to Jesus, we can win our nation back to him. If we do not, we will give an account to him and leave the greatest nation in history shipwrecked, devoid of the moral and spiritual foundations that made it great.

What the churches and America need is an honest, heartfelt to the core, National Solemn Assembly -- a time of corporate humiliation, prayer, and repentance. Such would require massive preparation of the church by their pastors and leaders, including preparatory prayer, fasting, preaching, teaching, and equipping. We may not be ready yet. But the Call2Fall is an observance that points toward that kind of response to God, an opportunity for local churches, families, and other Christian entities that see the need, to take a Sunday out of the year to literally bow our knees as a body of believers, to humble ourselves before God, confess our sins and repent, and then to pray for our churches and nation, calling upon God to have mercy and to draw our nation back to him.

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