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Prayer Targets: Only Hope; America's Growing Divide; George Soros; Taxpayer Abortions for Illegal Immigrants

October 25, 2017

Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee? (Ps 85:6)

Dear Praying Friends,

Del Fehsenfeld, Jr. (1947-1989) lived just 42 years but led a remarkable life of devotion to the Lord. At age 24, he founded Life Action Ministries, which continues faithfully to call Americans to repentance, revival, and a vital relationship with Jesus Christ. I gave you excerpts from the first half of The Only Hope for Turning America Back to God. These are from the last half:

When a nation becomes as morally depraved, as spiritually blinded, as steeped in humanism, hedonism, materialism, as America is, there is only one power in the universe that can meet and overcome such evil, and that is the power of the living God. What we need is an invasion of God Himself, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, a visitation of the manifest presence of God. And that, my friends, is revival!

Desperate times demand God's personal intervention, and on the stage of history, that has always been called a revival. The only hope that God will be exalted, the only hope that He will be lifted up once again as the Lord over this nation, the only hope for survival as a free people, the only hope for our children and our grandchildren, is an old-fashioned, Holy Spirit-empowered revival that will sweep back the tide of sin and restore the basic principles of God and His Word that made her great.

The only hope for turning this nation back to God is for those of us who claim the name of Christ to turn back to God. God's cure for a nation proves the cause of the curse. God said that if He could find ten righteous in Sodom and Gomorrah, He would spare the cities. But He couldn't. [Del quotes 2 Chronicles 7:14],

America is being judged today not just because of the wickedness of the lost, but because of the backslidden condition of the church. In fact, our nation's sins are nothing more than a magnified reflection of the sins of the church. We complain that our children can't pray together or read the Bible at school. But how many of us consistently read the Bible and pray with our own children at home, where we are still free to do so.

We are overwhelmed by our nation's staggering deficit. But how many of us Christians are financially free. We are outraged by the moral perversion, adultery, and sodomy being flaunted on television and in movies and books. But how many of us men are morally pure in our thoughts, words, habits, and lifestyles?

The church in our day has turned a deaf ear to the voice of God and to His prophets who cry against sin. We have adopted a philosophy of life that allows people to be comfortable at church, while living in adultery, materialism, and selfishness at home. Though we should certainly love sinners, we need a Holy Ghost revival that will cause us to live such holy lives and to preach so powerfully that unrepentant believers will be miserable [see John 16:8] every time they leave the church.

Revival is a divine strategy to counter­act spiritual decline and to create spiritual momentum. Nothing else will do. Nothing less will do. Our combined best efforts have been to no avail. God is simply looking for men who are available -- men who are wholly His, through whom He can reveal Himself mighty and strong.

Dare to Make a Difference! The days of King Ahab were dark ones in Israel's history. Elijah was the man God chose to use as His instrument in turning the heart of the nation. But before Elijah called down fire from heaven, God told him, "Go, hide thyself." Only after three years of prayer, isolation and faith, did God then say, "Go, show thyself...." Few men are willing to lock in with God until they have such power on their lives that when they come out, they can pray and call on fire from heaven and turn a nation back to God.

You say, "Elijah was an extraordinary man." That is not what the Scripture says. It says he was a man of like passions as we are, no different than any man (Jas. 5:17). You say, "Where is the Lord God of Elijah? Why doesn't He send fire? Why doesn't He send revival?" The real question is, "Where are the Elijahs of the Lord God? Where are the men who will dare to make a difference in this generation?"

The 1857 Awakening began with one businessman. He started a prayer meeting in the upper room of his church over the lunch hour. In the meantime, God created circumstances in the form of an economic disaster, to turn the heart of the nation heavenward. Not many weeks later, thousands of men were gathering for prayer; and soon hundreds of thousands were praying every single day over the noon break. Work hours had to be adjusted, as the presence of God swept through the United States.

An ordinary man, moved by an extraordinary God, brought an entire nation to her knees. God did it before, and I believe that He will do it again. If He can find a man, He will do it again, if we will dare to make ourselves available, count the cost, and meet His conditions. (Condensed from the January 1991 issue of Spirit of Revival, now in the October 2017 issue of The Herald of His Coming)

America's Growing Divide -- A new Pew Research Center study documents what has been apparent to those who are culturally engaged -- specifically, that there is a growing ideological and political divide among Americans. The study shows that half of Americans had mixed conservative and liberal views on political issues in 1994 and in 2004. That 50 percent would have been considered the political middle. But that number has been shrinking, now to less than a third. "The share of Americans with ideologically consistent values has increased over this time and [their] political values also have become more strongly associated with partisanship [and] are particularly pronounced among politically engaged Americans."

In 1994 "there was substantially more overlap between the two partisan groups than there is today." Republicans and Democrats shared some values. In 1994 only "23% of Republicans were more liberal than the median Democrat and 17% of Democrats were more conservative than the median Republican. Today, those numbers are just 1% and 3%, respectively."

Regent University Professor of Government, Dr. Stephen M. King, joined Tony Perkins on "Washington Watch" radio on October 23 to discuss this cultural divide, which has become so extreme that it calls into question whether we can unite to respond to external threats like North Korea, etc. They agreed that it won't be by rallying around the flag as we have done in the past (particularly while highly paid NFL football players refuse to stand for the National Anthem). Any solution, they agreed, would require something else. It won't be from top down institutional, political, or government, etc. leadership. Rather we need "transformational change" at the grassroots of American society: families, communities, churches, and people where we live and work. Bottom line: neither could imagine a real solution other than a God-sent Awakening. That is something that can only come in response to heartfelt and repentant prayer by God's people. (see Pew Research Report: Polarized Era; Hear Tony Perkins & Dr. Stephen King, start at minute 27:00)

  • Lord, apart from you and your moral law and Gospel, which united our Founding Fathers, we will never find unity in our nation again. The Declaration and Constitution were built upon those truths. We need YOU Almighty God! Whatever else we do, whatever other efforts we make to bring godly unity to our nation, please show your mercy and pour out your Spirit upon us. Turn our churches back to you. Send forth laborers to spread the Gospel! Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you? (Ps 85:5-7; Ex 15:13-21Ps 11: all; 85:5-7; 133: allMt:13; 22:36-40; Jn 4:34-36; Lk 10:2)

George Soros' Progressive Empire Expands -- Last week, liberal progressive kingpin George Soros poured a large portion of his fortune, $18 billion, directly into his activist "charitable" Open Society Foundations. The Wall Street Journal called it "Creating an Instant Giant" (follow the links below to see just how far reaching his anti-Christian, anti-life and anti-American empire reaches). Soros' fortune was $23 billion (making him the 20th richest man in America) before the transfer. Afterward it dropped to $8 billion, making him the 59th richest man in America.

Soros has spent decades spending his fortune to fund scores of radical, left-wing groups and causes in the U.S. and abroad. For example, he has poured cash into Planned Parenthood, Media Matters, ACLU, People for the American Way, Black Lives Matters, SPLC, etc. Plus, Soros contributed $1.4 million to the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign and is an omnipresent force in the Trump resistance movement. A dedicated globalist, he said in 2006: "The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States...The rest of the world dances to the tune the United States is playing, and if that continues too long we are in danger of destroying our civilization. Changing the attitude and policies of the United States remains my top priority." (see Forbes; Fox; Mind-Boggling List of Orgs Soros Funds; Tied to 30 Major News Outlets; Soros: Indirectly Funded 100 Women's March on Washington; NFL Players Union Teamed with Soros)

  • God, intervene! Glorify your name! Protect and preserve your people. Be a shield to them against the schemes of evil men. May your people know your blessing and provision and be fully equipped to counteract the plans of those who scheme for evil. Cause every dollar intended to harm to fail! May God arise and his enemies be scattered! May God's people be blessed and his kingdom works prosper despite every plot to overthrow them. May God bring this billionaire to his knees before the Lord Jesus in repentance, forgive him and all those he has used to do evil. Send us revival that will bring sinners and the faithful humbly to bow before you and confess you as Lord! Only you can save us, unite us in righteousness and heal our land. (Ex 15:13-21Ps 11: all; 85:5-7; 133: allMt:13; 22:36-40; Jn 4:34-36; Lk 10:2)

Finally. Please pray, and participate as you are able:

1) This Sunday is Reformation Sunday, a day churches celebrate the Reformation of 1517. (Download free materials: Church Bulletin Insert; Sermon Helper: "Reformation Sunday: 500 Years of Biblical Faith")

2) Sunday, November 5 is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.

3) November 7 is Election Day in many American states (download non-partisan Prayer Guide).

4) An appeals court has forced the Trump administration to facilitate an illegal immigrant's abortion. What will the Trump administration do?

As always, thank you for praying!