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Prayer Targets: Reagan on Jesus; Kavanaugh; Tony Perkins' Pledge to "Pray, Vote & Stand"

September 19, 2018

And it shall come to pass That whoever calls on the name of the Lord Shall be saved... (Joel 2:32 NKJV)

Dear Praying Friends,

Historians and the American people rank Ronald Reagan as among the very best presidents in American history. He revived the American spirit when it was flagging badly, revived our economy by cutting taxes and regulations, revived the focus on the sanctity of human life, born and unborn, and on faith and family values, and he revived our military and stood up to tyranny around the world. Indeed, by his faith, leadership, rhetoric, and bold and shrewd diplomacy, Reagan was instrumental in dealing a final blow to what he called the "Evil Empire," the communist Soviet Union. Moreover, he was a wise, winsome, and amiable gentleman whose spirit was bigger than life. Despite facing much of the same kind of political antagonism we see today, President Reagan shrugged it off with a good-natured quip and stayed focused on restoring our strength and confidence as a nation.

Recently, one of the president's handwritten letters was discovered and publicized by Washington Post journalist Karen Tumult. It reminds us afresh of Reagan's Christian faith. On April 7, 1982, he wrote to Loyal Davis, his dying father-in-law and a professed atheist. Days later, Nancy Reagan later said, she believes her father found peace with God when a chaplain prayed with him. Here are excerpts.

Dear Loyal, I hope you'll forgive me for this, but I've been wanting to write you ever since we talked on the phone. I am aware of the strain you are under and believe with all my heart there is help for that. [Reagan went on to tell how the Lord healed him of a painful stomach ulcer that developed under the strain in his first term as California Governor. One morning Reagan simply sensed he was healed and put his Maalox back on the shelf].

That morning when I arrived at the office Helene brought me my mail. The first letter I opened was from a lady -- a stranger... She had written to tell me she was one of a group who met every day to pray for me. Believe it or not, the second letter was from a man, again a stranger... telling me he was part of a group that met weekly to pray for me. Within the hour a young fellow from the legal staff came into my office on some routine matter. On the way out, he paused in the door and said: "Gov. I think maybe you'd like to know -- some of us on the staff come in early every morning and get together to pray for you." ...

Coincidence? ... [Later] Nancy and I went down to L.A. and had our annual checkup. John Sharpe, a little puzzled, told me I no longer had an ulcer but added there was no indication I'd ever had one... I never told him about that day in Sacramento.

There is a line in the bible -- "Wherever two or more are gathered in my name there will I be also."

Loyal I know of your feeling -- your doubt, but could I just impose on you a little longer? Some seven hundred years before the birth of Christ the ancient Jewish prophets predicted the coming of a Messiah. They said he would be born in a lowly place, would proclaim himself the Son of God and would be put to death for saying that.

All in all, there were a total of one hundred and twenty-three specific prophesies about his life all of which came true. Crucifixion was unknown in those times, yet it was foretold that he would be nailed to a cross of wood. And one of the predictions was that he would be born of a Virgin.

Now I know that is probably the hardest for you as a Dr. to accept. The only answer that can be given is -- a miracle. But Loyal I don't find that as great a miracle as the actual history of his life. Either he was who he said he was or he was the greatest faker & charlatan who ever lived. But would a liar & faker suffer the death he did when all he had to do to save himself was admit he'd been lying?

The miracle is that a young man of 30 yrs. without credentials as a scholar or priest began preaching on street corners. He owned nothing but the clothes on his back & he didn't travel beyond circle less than one hundred miles across. He did this for only 3 years and then was executed as a common criminal.

But for two thousand years he has ... had more impact on the world than all the teachers, scientists, emperors, generals and admirals who ever lived, all put together.

The apostle John said, "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who so ever believed in him would not perish but have everlasting life."

We have been promised that all we have to do is ask God in Jesus name to help when we have done all we can -- when we've come to the end of our strength and abilities and we'll have that help. We only have to trust and have faith in his infinite goodness and mercy.

We've been promised this is only a part of life and that a greater life, a greater glory awaits us. It awaits you [and your wife, Edith] together one day and all that is required is that you believe and tell God you put yourself in his hands. Love, Ronnie (see Handwritten; Transcript)

Reagan was not ashamed of the gospel of Christ (Rom 1:16). This letter was one of multiplied thousands of handwritten personal notes and letters that Reagan wrote during his public life, many of which spoke of his faith and graciously urged others to embrace Christ. May God raise up many leaders in the coming election, who know the Lord, and who will, like Reagan, be salt and light and numbered among America's great statesmen.

"For the Sake of America, I will Pray!"

FRC President Tony Perkins is asking believers across America to take a Pledge: "For the sake of America... I pledge to pray, to vote, and to stand for my biblical values." He writes:

America remains at a proverbial crossroads where as a nation, with each election, we are faced with the choice of who we will be and what our children will become. The polls, as well as our own encounters, reveal that we are a divided nation. Divided not as much by ethnic, economic or educational factors as by worldview; the lenses through which we see and understand the world around us.

There are two competing worldviews locked in an epic struggle. There is a biblical worldview, those who are followers of Jesus Christ and believe and live according to the truth of God's word. Then there are a host of worldviews that find their commonality in the power and authority of human beings, what is described as a humanist worldview.

Possibly, not since the first century of the church, we see the reality of Jesus' words in Luke 12:49-53 that His message is one of division. To be sure, those who accept and yield to His message can and should be unified as He prayed in John 17:20-21, but there can be no true peace and unity between followers of Jesus Christ and the world (2 Cor 6:14).

Given this understanding of the world in which we live, what should be our course of action? For the sake of America and the rest of the world that is impacted by the choices of this nation at this point in the history of the world, we must pray! But prayer is the beginning, not the end. We must vote. Fully informed and engaged in determining who will lead our nation and the policies that they will pursue. And we must stand. We must stand for the truth of God's word in every realm of society, "in season and out of season."

Please join hundreds of thousands of other Believers in taking The Pledge: the pledge to 1) Pray 2) Vote and 3) Stand.

Beginning Sunday, September 23, to Saturday, November 10 there will be seven weeks of focused prayer for the Family, Church, Business, Education, Entertainment, Media, and Government. Each week a prayer guide with scriptural reference will be provided for all who take The Pledge (Eph. 6:13)

The Election Prayer Guide Process -- Before this coming Sunday, you will receive a separate email from FRC with the first installment of a seven-week Election Prayer Guide authored by FRC President Tony Perkins. You will receive one email toward the end of every week -- each containing seven Prayer Targets, one for each day of the following week, Sunday through Saturday. The prayer schedule runs seven weeks beginning this Sunday, September 23rd. The prayers in the non-partisan, 501c3 friendly Prayer Guide authored by Tony Perkins are simple and brief, but are wisdom-filled, replete with linked scripture references. It will help unite believers and facilitate biblically focused daily prayer over the elections across America. You will receive only one email each week but with seven daily Prayer Guides. Each of the "spheres" or "mountains" of cultural influence both shapes and expresses American culture. Each "mountain" exerts enormous influence over every election and each is impacted by the election results.

  • Lord, thank you for stirring Tony to produce this important Pledge and Prayer Guide. Please stir believers across America to take "The Pledge," and set their hearts to pray daily during the short 47 days left before this extraordinarily consequential midterm election. May they not only pray, but enlist every believer they know to take "The Pledge" to "Pray, vote, and stand for my biblical values." God, may your House, the many-membered Body of Christ overflow with extraordinary, holy, inspired prayer that pleases you! And may you work miracles in the midterm election that will make the difference for the future of our nation (2 Chr 30:2734:29-32; Is 56:71 Cor 2:12-143:1612:271 Th 5:16-18; 1 Tim 2:1-8).

Finally, please add these matters to your prayer list: 1) Reminiscent of Justice Clarence Thomas' "high tech lynching" in 1991, liberals seem to have engineered what appears to be an outrageous and dishonest ploy to subvert the Kavanaugh confirmation. See Aimed at a Justice; 2) A Palestinian teenager murdered a Jewish/American war hero at an Israeli shopping mall. The war against Israel continues; 3) A leaked video showing Google executives desperately bemoaning the 2016 election results has stirred a call for further hearings to investigate Google and other social media companies that appear clearly to be discriminating against Christians and conservatives. The bias engineered into our social media could have a much more profound impact on our elections than the impact of all foreign attempts to influence them. Will government intervention be required?; 4) Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rebukes former Secretary John Kerry for counseling Iranian leaders (see Tale of Two Secretaries); 5) Former VP Joe Biden tells LGBT activists that Trump supporters are "virulent... dregs of society," reminiscent of Mrs. Clinton's "irredeemable...basket of deplorables" characterization.

There is so much more to prayer for. Thank you for praying with us!