Family Research Council

Research on Religion

Religion is the practice of an individual and a community's relationship to God. "Grappling with God," with the big issues of right and wrong, good and evil, and with divine revelation, is one of the big tasks in life and one of the key tasks in the raising of children.

The social sciences are unable to measure the movements of the heart but they can measure observable behavior such as attending church or helping in faith-based volunteer projects. Even these rough measures are yielding significant illustration of the relationship between activity directed to God and myriad benefits to the believer and to neighbors.

From the social science perspective the more an individual practices his religious beliefs the more he thrives in education, health and mental health, marriage and family and the less likely is he to be involved in crime, addiction, abuse or a host of other ills. In purely secular terms (though these fall short of the religious believer's terms) religious practice is a great boon to individuals, families, communities and societies. FRC's Center for Family and Religion is devoted to unveiling and publicizing these tangible social benefits that flow from the intact married family that worships weekly.