Press ReleaseenPressRelease2008/04/16Family Research Council Calls for Further Study of Abstinence Education Programs Press ReleaseenPressRelease2008/03/13New STD Data Shows Need for Abstinence Education, Says Family Research Council Press ReleaseenPressRelease2010/11/24Family Research Council Statement on Attack by Southern Poverty Law Center Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/01/28Family Research Council Files Amicus Briefs in Supreme Court Marriage Cases Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/01/28FRC: Boy Scouts Should Stand Firm in its Moral Values, Resist Pressure to Change Homosexuality Policy Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/02/01Updated HHS Mandate Continues Attack on Religious Freedom Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/02/04Family Research Council, 41 Allied Organizations Release Ad Urging Boy Scouts to Keep Moral Values Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/02/06FRC to Host Dr. Andrew Essig, Eric Teetsel for Webcast Lecture, 'Building a Winning Coalition' Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/02/06FRC Encouraged by Boy Scouts' Delay, Urges Board to Reaffirm Current Standards Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/02/06Shooter Used Southern Poverty Law Center's Website to Identify FRC as Target Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/02/06FRC's Tony Perkins to Discuss FRC Shooting Plea on His National Radio Show Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/02/11FRC's Marriage and Religion Research Institute Holds Press Conference to Release Third Annual Index of Belonging Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/02/12Family Research Council Issues Third Annual 'Index of Family Belonging and Rejection' Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/02/12Family Research Council Experts Available for Interviews on State of the Union Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/02/12State of the Union Address Offers More Spending, More Government Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/02/15FRC Opposes Universal Preschool, Encourages President Obama to Pursue Fatherhood Initiatives Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/02/19FRC to Host Becket Fund, Alliance Defending Freedom for Religious Liberty Lecture Webcast Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/02/22Family Research Council President Tony Perkins to Receive Distinguished Service Award from ERLC Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/02/26FRC's Peter Sprigg Testifies Against Maryland 'Gender Identity' Bill Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/02/28Family Research Council Calls Out Hypocrisy of Justice Department's Proposition 8 Amicus Brief Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/03/01FRC's Dr. David Prentice Congratulates Kansas Senate for Passing Ethical Stem Cell Therapy Bill Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/03/01FRC Praises Over 60 Texas Leaders for Standing with Boy Scouts of America Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/03/04FRC to Hold Joint News Conference on HHS Mandate at National Religious Broadcasters Convention Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/03/05FRC to Hold Joint News Conference TODAY on HHS Mandate at NRB Convention Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/03/05FRC Urges Congress to Pass Health Care Conscience Rights Act Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/03/15FRC Statement on Senator Portman's Reversal on Marriage Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/03/19FRC's Tony Perkins: Abandoning Marriage Would Place Republican Party on Path to Permanent Minority Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/03/22Family Research Council Experts Attending Supreme Court Marriage Oral Arguments, March for Marriage Rally Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/03/25UPDATE: Family Research Council Experts Attending Supreme Court Marriage Oral Arguments, March for Marriage Rally Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/03/26FRC's Cathy Ruse: Redefining Marriage is an Injustice to Children Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/04/05Family Research Council: Plan B Ruling Disregards Serious Health Concerns Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/04/19Boy Scout Resolution on Open Homosexuality Violates Trust of Parents, Timeless Values of Scouting Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/04/22FRC Congratulates Kansas, Gov. Brownback for Authorizing Stem Cell Research Center Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/04/24Family Research Council to Host Lecture on Religious Liberty in China Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/04/25Southern Poverty Law Center Linked to FRC Shooting in Chilling New Interrogation Video Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/04/30FDA's Decision on Plan B Places Health of Young Girls at Risk Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/05/02FRC Gathers Nearly 110,000 Petitions in less than 72 Hours Urging Defense Secretary Hagel to Disavow Demands by Anti-Christian Activist Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/05/03Rear Admiral's Courageous National Day of Prayer Speech Addresses Pentagon's Restrictive Religious Liberty Regulations Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/05/10IRS Admission that it Targeted Conservative Groups Raises Questions, Warrants Congressional Hearings Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/05/13Family Research Council Praises Jury for Bringing Justice to Victims of Abortionist Kermit Gosnell Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/05/15Family Research Council Condemns Human Cloning in Oregon Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/05/20FRC Commends SCOTUS for Taking Town of Greece v. Galloway, Could be Most Momentous Religious Liberty Victory in Decades Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/05/21FRC Statement on Murder of Mark Carson Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/05/22FRC Ad Urges Boy Scout Delegates to Reject Resolution, Preserve Scouting's Timeless Values Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/05/23Boy Scouts' Decision Another Casualty of Moral Compromise Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/05/29TODAY: Family Research Council to Host Lecture on Pro-Life Ultrasound Ministries Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/05/29FRC Commends Exxon Shareholders for Resisting Demands of Homosexual Activists Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/06/04Pentagon's Censorship of 9/11 Hero Painting Latest Incident of Religious Hostility Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/06/04FRC Urges Passage of Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/06/06House Armed Services Approval of Religious Freedom Amendment Addresses Growing Religious Hostility toward Service Members Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/06/10FRC to Host Webcast Lecture on Testimony of Former Lesbian University Professor Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/06/11Obama Administration's Plan B Decision Ignores Safety, Parental Rights Concerns Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/06/12Obama Administration's Opposition to Religious Freedom Amendment Demonstrates Complicity in Pentagon's Religious Speech Scandal Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/06/12FRC Commends House Committee Approval of Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/06/13FRC Praises Supreme Court Decision on DNA Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/06/17Today 5 p.m. ET: Josh Duggar to Unveil Details of Family's Move to Washington D.C. Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/06/18 House Passage of Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Conforms Law to Modern Science Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/06/25Family Research Council to Host Webcast Lecture on Homeschooling, Religious Liberty Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/06/25Family Research Council Experts Available to Discuss Supreme Court Ruling Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/06/26Supreme Court's Refusal to Redefine Marriage Nationwide Allows American People to Consider Consequences of Redefinition Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/06/26Family Research Council Event to Offer Response to Supreme Court Marriage Rulings Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/06/28Latest HHS Mandate Solidifies Attack on Religious Freedom Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/07/03FRC to Join Capitol Hill News Conference Urging Restoration of Religious Freedom in the Military, to Release New Report on Religious Hostility Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/07/08TOMORROW: Congressmen, FRC, Allied Groups to Hold Capitol Hill News Conference Urging Restoration of Religious Freedom in the Military Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/07/09VIDEO: FRC Releases Report on Military Religious Freedom Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/07/10Senate HELP Committee's Approval of ENDA Threatens Religious Liberty, Employers' Rights Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/07/16FRC to Host Lecture on the Impacts of Pornography on College Campus Life Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/07/18Family Research Council Commends Gov. Perry, Texas for New Pro-Life Law Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/07/25Air Force's Censorship of Chaplain's Essay Latest Incident of Religious Hostility Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/08/01FRC's Tony Perkins: Obamacare Threatens Very Life of Republic Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/08/06FRC, 85 Members of Congress File Brief in Biggest Religious Liberty Supreme Court Case In Last Half Century Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/08/20New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Undermines Freedom By Banning Sexual Orientation Therapy Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/08/22New Mexico Supreme Court Ruling Against Christian Photographer a Gross Violation of Free Speech, Religious Freedom Rights Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/08/26FRC's Ken Blackwell to Speak at 'Pull the Plug on Obamacare' Rally Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/08/27FRC's Ken Blackwell to Congress: 'Pull the Plug on Obamacare, the American People are With You' Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/08/29FRC Responds to Treasury, IRS Announcements on Homosexual Marriage Benefits Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/09/05FRC Praises Texas Leaders for Standing for Religious Freedom, Opposing San Antonio's anti-Christian Ordinance Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/09/06Alert: FRC President Tony Perkins to State Position on Syrian Military Action Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/09/10FRC's Cathy Ruse Speaks at Exempt America from Obamacare Rally Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/09/10Family Research Council Calls on House to Oppose Rule on Continuing Resolution, Urges Defunding Obamacare Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/09/13FRC, Coalition Leaders Meet with Senior Air Force Officials, Deliver Nearly 220,000 petitions Calling for Religious Liberty Protections Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/09/19FRC's Tony Perkins, Leo Johnson Testify at Sentencing of Terrorist Floyd Corkins Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/09/19FRC: Air Force Secretary Nominee Must Address Serious Religious Liberty Violations Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/09/20FRC Urges Support of Rep. Labrador's Marriage and Religious Liberty Act Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/09/20FRC Praises House for Performing 'Obamacare-ectomy' Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/09/24Family Research Council to Host Lecture on Common Core Educational Standards Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/09/27 U.S. Senate Puts Americans' Health Care on Life Support Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/09/28FRC Backs ObamaCare Delay and Conscience Protections in CR Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/09/30FRC Disappointed with House for Dropping Religious Freedom Protections in CR Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/10/02Sen. Ted Cruz to Discuss Partial Government Shutdown on Washington Watch with Tony Perkins Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/10/15Family Research Council Calls on House to Oppose 'Deal' on Debt Limit, Continuing Resolution Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/10/16FRC Opposes Congressional Funding 'Deal,' Vows to Fight for American Families, Life and Religious Freedoms Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/10/17Family Research Council Releases Policy Analysis on Merits of Natural Marriage Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/10/18Family Research Council Criticizes New Jersey Supreme Court Decision on Marriage Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/10/21Gov. Chris Christie's Marriage Decision Troubles Conservatives Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/10/24FRC Commends Army Secretary for Intervening After Anti-Christian Briefing at Fort Hood Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/10/28Blocking Texas Abortion Law Only Puts Vulnerable Women in Greater Danger Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/10/30Family Research Council to Host Webcast Lecture on Combating Secularism in the Public Square Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/10/31ENDA Threatens Free Market, Undermines Employer Rights, Violates Religious Liberties Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/11/01Appeals Ruling Against HHS Mandate a Partial Win for Religious Freedom, Time for Congress to Act Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/11/04FRC's Ken Klukowski to Attend Supreme Court Oral Arguments for Town of Greece v. Galloway Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/11/04FRC Commends Speaker Boehner for Opposing ENDA Legislation as Burden on Employers Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/11/04FRC Expresses Disappointment in Senate Vote on ENDA Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/11/06Family Research Council to Host Family Policy Lecture on the Effects of Divorce on Society Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/11/06Senate's added ENDA Amendment Leaves Religious Non-Profits and Businesses Unprotected Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/11/07FRC Disappointed in Senate's Approval of ENDA Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/11/07FRC Joins Sen. Lindsey Graham News Conference in Support of Fetal Pain Bill Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/11/08Family Research Council, Churches Celebrate Military Freedom Sunday Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/11/11Military Times Ad: When You Gave Up Individual Rights to Serve, Religious Freedom Wasn't One of Them Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/11/12Family Research Council to Host Rep. Phil Roe for Webcast Lecture on Obamacare Alternative Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/11/12FRC's Dr. David Prentice to Testify in Support of Ohio Ban on Human Cloning, Animal-Human Hybrids Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/11/13FRC's Dr. David Prentice Testifies in Support of Ohio Ban on Human Cloning, Animal-Human Hybrids Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/11/19Family Research Council Calls on Sen. Kirk to Apologize for Discriminating Against Pro-family Group Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/11/23Federal Court Ruling Striking Clergy Tax Housing Allowance an Act of Supreme Arrogance Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/11/26New Poll: 59 Percent Oppose Obamacare's HHS Mandate, Opposition Builds as Consequences Become Clear Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/12/03Family Research Council to Host Webcast Lecture on Global Poverty by Dr. Wayne Grudem Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/12/04FRC Praises California, Maryland for Shifting Focus to Ethical Stem Cell Research Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/12/05FRC Warns Against Proposed Changes to Blood Donor Policy Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/12/11Secretary Hagel Asked to Review DOD Connections to Southern Poverty Law Center as Army Secretary, FBI Move Away from Discredited Organization Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/12/16Federal Court Striking Polygamy Law One of Many Consequences of Marriage Redefinition Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/12/18FRC to Host Lecture on Biggest Religious Liberty Supreme Court Case In Decades Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/12/19FRC Stands with Duck Dynasty's Robertson Family Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/12/19New Mexico Court Decision Redefining Marriage Turns Logic on its Head Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/12/19Senate Passage of Defense Authorization Act a Victory for Military Religious Freedom Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/12/20Utah Ruling Imposing Marriage Redefintion an Attack on Freedom Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/12/22Duck Dynasty Backlash Rocks Cracker Barrel Back Into Reality Press ReleaseenPressRelease2013/12/27A&E Network's Reversal of Phil Robertson Suspension is Very Revealing for American People Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/01/02FRC Statement in Response to Justice Sotomayor Issuing a Stay for the Little Sisters of the Poor Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/01/06FRC Applauds Supreme Court Decision to Stay Utah Marriage Ruling Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/01/09FRC Endorses State Marriage Defense Act Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/01/10Obama Administration's Disregard for Utah Law, U.S. Supreme Court Expands Legal Chaos of Marriage Redefinition Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/01/13U.S. Supreme Court Allows Barbaric Practice of Abortions on 20 Week Old Pain-Capable Babies to Continue Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/01/14FRC Lecture to Unveil Demographic Analysis Challenging Common Beliefs About Abortion Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/01/14Oklahoma Ruling Imposing Marriage Redefinition an Attack on Freedom Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/01/15FRC Highlights New Abortion Demographic Analysis, Measure to Prevent Taxpayer-funded Abortion at Event in D.C. Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/01/15FRC Praises House Judiciary Committee Passage of 'No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act' Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/01/16FRC President Tony Perkins: Obama Administration Hostile to Religious Freedom At Home, Indifferent Abroad Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/01/16Tony Perkins Commends House Members for Special Order About Roe Anniversary Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/01/16Rick Santorum, Reps. Hartzler, Harris, Duggar Family to Speak at ProLifeCon Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/01/23FRC Cautiously Optimistic on DOD's Instruction on Religious Expression Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/01/24FRC Statement in Response to Supreme Court Granting Temporary Injunction to Little Sisters of the Poor Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/01/28FRC Praises House Passage of 'No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act' Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/01/29State of the Union Address At Odds with Religious Freedom, Core American Values Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/01/29FRC Submits Brief to Supreme Court in Hobby Lobby, Conestoga Wood Cases Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/01/29FRC's Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin Submits Statement to House Armed Services Hearing on Religious Liberty Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/02/04FRC Hires New Directors for Centers of Religious Liberty, Dignity of Human Life Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/02/07Family Research Council Submits Amicus Brief in Utah Marriage Case Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/02/08Justice Department Announcement Illustrates Administration's Lawlessness Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/02/10Family Research Council to Release Fourth Annual 'Index of Family Belonging and Rejection' Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/02/12Family Research Council Issues Fourth Annual 'Index of Family Belonging and Rejection' Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/02/12Kentucky Marriage Ruling Shows Disregard for Rule of Law Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/02/13FRC Praises Senate Introduction of State Marriage Defense Act Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/02/14Arrogant Judge Strikes Down Virginia Marriage Amendment Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/02/21FRC Commends Arizona Legislature for Approving Religious Freedom Legislation Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/02/25New Poll: 61 Percent Agree Pastors Should Challenge Obama Administration When Religious Liberty Threatened Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/02/26Texas Ruling Striking Marriage Amendment is Attack on Rule of Law Press ReleaseenPressRelease2014/02/27FRC Expresses Disappointment in Veto of Arizona Religious Freedom Bill Op-EdenOpEd2010/10/25In Judicial Appointments, Politics Is No Match for the Constitution Op-EdenOpEd2008/04/22Crackdown on Methodist Camp Sets Ominous Precedent Op-EdenOpEd2008/04/22Free Markets, Not Just Freedom of Religion, Threatened by ENDA Op-EdenOpEd2010/10/25Military Families Deserve Decency Op-EdenOpEd2008/04/22More Manipulation by Missouri Media Op-EdenOpEd2008/05/21BLURRING THE LINE BETWEEN HUMANS AND ANIMALS: BRITAIN'S NEW HFEA BILL Op-EdenOpEd2008/07/24Conrad in the Dock Op-EdenOpEd2008/08/08One World, One Dream Op-EdenOpEd2008/09/25LET YOUR CONSCIENCE BE YOUR GUIDE Op-EdenOpEd2008/10/08CONSCIENCE PROTECTION IN HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES REGULATION Op-EdenOpEd2008/07/30Opposing view: 'The battle has just begun' Op-EdenOpEd2009/06/19Marriage: It's Not Just for Your Grandparents Op-EdenOpEd2010/10/11Christian compassion requires the truth about harms of homosexuality Op-EdenOpEd2012/03/03Let Israel be Israel Op-EdenOpEd2012/03/02Obama mandate: Not a women's issue Op-EdenOpEd2012/03/06Limbaugh and Our Phony Contraception Debate Op-EdenOpEd2012/03/07Just Words, Mr. President Op-EdenOpEd2012/03/12Hillary's 'Toughest Sanctions' On Iran Won't Work Op-EdenOpEd2012/03/10Letter: Paying for Contraception Op-EdenOpEd2012/03/13Voter ID insanity at DOJ going to the United Nations Op-EdenOpEd2012/03/15Rational Actors and Stuff Op-EdenOpEd2012/03/19Paying the Dane-geld in the Mideast Op-EdenOpEd2012/03/19Obama Faces 'The Crunch' Op-EdenOpEd2012/03/19Future of religious liberty at Supreme Court is cloudy-for now Op-EdenOpEd2012/03/19Health issue all politics Op-EdenOpEd2012/03/23President Obama's Kulturkampf? 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Wade' loses its grip: Opposing view Op-EdenOpEd2013/01/18Abortion and the live-and-let-live ethic Op-EdenOpEd2013/01/22Reflection and rededication as Roe v. Wade turns 40 Op-EdenOpEd2013/01/2240 Years Of Roe v. Wade: What Happened? And What Comes Next? Op-EdenOpEd2013/01/22Women Are Not Better Off Because of Abortion Op-EdenOpEd2013/01/23What The Polls Really Show About Roe v. Wade Op-EdenOpEd2013/01/23Why Is Planned Parenthood Abandoning Choice? Op-EdenOpEd2013/01/23A Pro-Life Reminder for Planned Parenthood: Don't Mess With Texas Op-EdenOpEd2013/01/25Combat shift ignores gender realities Op-EdenOpEd2013/01/25March for Life marks 40 years of abortion law Op-EdenOpEd2013/01/25The '1 Percent' Of Abortions Op-EdenOpEd2013/01/28Abortion, Commemoration and Hope Op-EdenOpEd2013/01/28Women in combat a dangerous experiment Op-EdenOpEd2013/01/28Four Decades of Deception Op-EdenOpEd2013/01/29Former Mayor Blackwell: Four Year Fight For Second Amendment Op-EdenOpEd2013/01/29Common sense, emotion and women in combat Op-EdenOpEd2013/01/29'Loyal to life, not to party' Op-EdenOpEd2013/02/01Mr. President: Chuck Hagel! Op-EdenOpEd2013/02/03Obama Loses Two HHS Mandate Cases In One Week Op-EdenOpEd2013/02/05Boy Scouts Should Stand on Principle, Not Bow to Pressure Op-EdenOpEd2013/02/05Boy Scouts must stand firm for their values Op-EdenOpEd2013/02/05My Sons are Boy Scouts - For Now Op-EdenOpEd2013/02/06The Wealth of Nations Depends on the Health of Families Op-EdenOpEd2013/02/07No compromise in new contraception mandate Op-EdenOpEd2013/02/07As Hillary Leaves Op-EdenOpEd2013/02/07HHS Announcement Changes Little - Superficial Accounting Gimmicks Do Not Equate to Conscience Protections Op-EdenOpEd2013/02/08Hatred, Bigotry, and Truth Op-EdenOpEd2013/02/09Media Ignore Domestic Terrorist Conviction Of Gay-Rights Activist Op-EdenOpEd2013/02/12Losing Lincoln's Legacy Op-EdenOpEd2013/02/12The Renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI Op-EdenOpEd2013/02/12Benedict XVI: A Tough Act To Follow Op-EdenOpEd2013/02/14Boy Scouts' gay ban: Don't compromise morals Op-EdenOpEd2013/02/12Woman Dies In Late-Term Abortion Performed By Doctor Linked To Sebelius Op-EdenOpEd2013/02/15Democrats Claiming Lincoln Op-EdenOpEd2013/02/19A head start on another federal failure Op-EdenOpEd2013/02/21What Will Kerry Do About Christian Persecution in China? 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Windsor Op-EdenOpEd2013/03/27SCOTUS May Throw Out DOMA Cases Due to DOJ Refusal to Defend Op-EdenOpEd2013/03/27SCOTUS: DOMA'S Fate In Kennedy's Hands Op-EdenOpEd2013/03/31Christians and Religious Liberty in America on Easter Sunday, 2013 Op-EdenOpEd2013/04/02'A Nation of Chasms' Op-EdenOpEd2013/04/08Swallowing Camels/Straining at Gnats Op-EdenOpEd2013/04/10How Do We Measure 'Progressives?' Op-EdenOpEd2013/04/11Speaking Across the Chasms Op-EdenOpEd2013/04/16President Obama's Gosnell Lens Op-EdenOpEd2013/04/15More regulations for abortion clinics Op-EdenOpEd2013/04/18Snubbing Thatcher's Funeral? No, Obama Is Consistent! 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Op-EdenOpEd2013/04/26Obama Admin Asks SCOTUS to Take NLRB Recess Appointments Case Op-EdenOpEd2013/04/29Pentagon Taps Anti-Christian Extremist for Religious Tolerance Policy Op-EdenOpEd2013/04/30Lincoln, Obama, and Us Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/01Breaking: Pentagon Confirms May Court Martial Soldiers Who Share Christian Faith Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/03Pentagon Defends Unconstitutional Policy Against Soldiers Sharing Faith Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/03Is Patriotism Christian? Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/06Everywhere but in foxholes Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/06American Carriers Victim of Government Cronyism Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/06An Irresponsible and Dangerous Contraception Decision Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/08Pentagon Began Relationship with Anti-Christian Extremist in 2009 Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/08Deceit in the Boy Scouts Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/08Military can learn from sexual assaults Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/10Purpose, Politics, and Parties Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/11Congress Must Tell Pentagon to Protect Troops' First Amendment Rights Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/1359 Congress Members Demand Hagel Explain Meeting With Anti-Christian Extremist Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/13HHS Should Appeal Plan B Decision Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/15Back to the Basics of Religious Liberty Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/16Formula for Abuse of Power Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/17Catholic Scouts Won't Go Gay Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/17Presidential Preference: The Romeikes and Imam Rauf Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/17Where Lawlessness Comes From Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/19America Waiting on Big Decisions From SCOTUS Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/20The Gosnell Case Was About Abortion Op-EdenOpEd2013/05/20Did They Believe in Birth Control? 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Phones Home on Marriage Op-EdenOpEd2013/06/07'Interim Report' on Australian Study of Homosexual Parents Adds Little to Debate Op-EdenOpEd2013/06/05Take a Risk for Peace: Move our Embassy to Jerusalem! 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Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/02Pro-Life Bill Protects The Most Vulnerable Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/02White House Violates Law with Obamacare Delay Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/03John Wise: the man who inspired the Declaration of Independence Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/08Politifact Deserves 'Pants On Fire' on Religious Liberty and Gay Marriage Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/10NC Same-Sex Marriage Case May Endanger Religious Liberty Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/10Transformation Through Christ, Not the State Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/12Defending The Religious Liberty of Those Who Defend Us Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/16New Coalition Pushes Back on Obama Admin's Religious Liberty Failures Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/18Texas Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban, Should Survive Legal Challenge Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/19Obama's Pants on Fire in White House ObamaCare Speech Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/19The Obamacare 'jam' rule Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/19Why Pay Clintons Top Dollar for No Answers on Jerusalem? Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/19Human Sexuality and the God of the Bible Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/22Letter: Religious freedom threatened in military Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/24Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Rolling Stone Crime and Punishment Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/19Court Rules For Hobby Lobby in HHS Mandate Case, Supreme Court Next? Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/23San Diego Clerk Sues Over Gay Marriage Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/24Most Europeans -- and Americans -- agree with Texas' abortion law Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/24Military Censors Christian Chaplain, Atheists Call For Punishment Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/26Putin: Lord of the Ring? Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/28No such thing as 'independent' voting Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/29Building stronger families and safer communities Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/29Virtue, Freedom and Redemption Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/29Censoring Eisenhower and Religious Freedom in the Military Op-EdenOpEd2013/07/31Cantor Lived to Tell About Auschwitz Op-EdenOpEd2013/08/05The do-nothing Obama administration Op-EdenOpEd2013/08/06How religious freedom has become a non-issue in our country Op-EdenOpEd2013/08/06The King and Queen of Creation Op-EdenOpEd2013/08/07Don't Confuse Whoopi & Co With The Facts Op-EdenOpEd2013/08/08Women at war with late-term abortion Op-EdenOpEd2013/08/08Intersections of Evil Op-EdenOpEd2013/08/09Congress, States, and Even Obama's DOJ Rally to Prayer-Givers' Defense Op-EdenOpEd2013/08/13The horror show of abortion can open eyes to the truth Op-EdenOpEd2013/08/22Politicians, Public Service and Faithfulness to Christ Op-EdenOpEd2013/08/22New Mexico Court: Christian Photographer Cannot Refuse Gay-Marriage Ceremony Op-EdenOpEd2013/08/25Memo to Lackland Air Force Base: No 'Air Force Policy' Requires Support for Homosexual 'Marriage' Op-EdenOpEd2013/08/27America Should 'Frown' Upon Jesse Jackson Op-EdenOpEd2013/08/28Christians in Egypt in the crosshairs Op-EdenOpEd2013/08/29Economic Decline, Miley Cyrus and Christian Opportunity Op-EdenOpEd2013/09/04Why Science Doesn't Support Orientation-Change Bans Op-EdenOpEd2013/08/26Liberty, conscience and New Mexico photographers Op-EdenOpEd2013/09/06Christian Airman Claims He Was Fired by Lesbian Commander for Gay Marriage Stance Op-EdenOpEd2013/09/06 Christian Airman Punished by Lesbian Commander Now Being Investigated for Talking to Media Op-EdenOpEd2013/09/06Christian Airman Punished by Lesbian Commander Faces Possible Court Martial Op-EdenOpEd2013/09/05Manning, Manliness and the Bible Op-EdenOpEd2013/09/12The wisdom of waiting periods for tattoos and abortions Op-EdenOpEd2013/09/12Exceptional America, Hypocritical Putin Op-EdenOpEd2013/09/16Getting a buzz from God Op-EdenOpEd2013/09/16Christian Leaders Meet with Pentagon on Religious Liberty Violations Op-EdenOpEd2013/09/17After Re-election, 'More Flaccidity' Op-EdenOpEd2013/09/17The Constitution: What difference does it make? Op-EdenOpEd2013/09/19Supreme Court to Consider New Obamacare Case Op-EdenOpEd2013/09/19Convicted Anti-Christian Domestic Terrorist Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison Op-EdenOpEd2013/09/20The Frederick Douglass Free Public Library Op-EdenOpEd2013/09/20PERKINS: When hate speech triggers hateful violence Op-EdenOpEd2013/09/20On Gender Identity and Marriage Op-EdenOpEd2013/09/27The Internet, the Person and Human Dignity Op-EdenOpEd2013/09/27One state protects unborn children with disabilities Op-EdenOpEd2013/09/27From Sanger to Gosnell: Bad ideas have horrible consequences Op-EdenOpEd2013/10/01What American Defeat Looks Like Op-EdenOpEd2013/10/01The Renewable Fuel Standard Is Another Taxpayer-Funded Bailout Op-EdenOpEd2013/10/01Bloomberg's Puppets Turn Their Sites on Ohioans Second Amendment Rights Op-EdenOpEd2013/10/02Human exceptionalism in the grocery cart Op-EdenOpEd2013/10/03Both/And: Fight Persecution Abroad and At Home Op-EdenOpEd2013/10/03Time to restore longstanding meaning - and sanity - to the Establishment Clause in Town of Greece v. Galloway Op-EdenOpEd2013/10/06Erring on the side of the living Op-EdenOpEd2013/10/07Symposium: Time to restore longstanding meaning - and sanity - to the Establishment Clause in Town of Greece v. Galloway Op-EdenOpEd2013/10/03America: Land of the free, home of the respectful religious debate Op-EdenOpEd2013/10/09On Being Unsurprised by Cultural Decay Op-EdenOpEd2013/10/09Jim Wallis: His Flawed Arguments on the Shutdown, Bible and Justice Op-EdenOpEd2013/10/09Revenge pornography is a symptom of a deeper problem Op-EdenOpEd2013/10/11ObamaCare's Day One and D-Day Op-EdenOpEd2013/10/18Tragedy in Statistics Op-EdenOpEd2013/10/21Chris Matthews: Did You Drink Three Fifths? 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Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/01Cincinnati Must Face the Crisis that Sealed Detroit's Fate Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/04Saving the Motor City Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/06Good Day for Public Prayer Proponents at Supreme Court Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/06Cornelia Pillard is unfit for the D.C. Circuit Court Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/07Israelis: Defend Yourselves and Us! Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/07Supreme Court Likely to Restore Freedom to Pray at Public Events Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/07Obama a No Show at Gettysburg; Thank Goodness! Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/07A high-minded threat to personal liberty Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/08Planned Parenthood messed with Texas and lost, for now Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/08Prudence, Courage, and Principled Compromise Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/08Same-Sex Marriage, Religious Liberty Collide in Case Presented to Supreme Court Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/09Lawsuit Claims Dept of Veterans Affairs Discriminated Against Conservative Chaplains Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/11God and the I.R.S: What the Bible can teach us about tax policy Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/09Impeaching Himself, Period Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/12Building an Obamacare website isn't rocket science Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/14'Salvation is from the Jews' -- Even in a Worldly Sense Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/14Obama's Insurance 'Fix' is Unconstitutional Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/18Liberals Literally Think Conservatives Belong in a Mental Institution Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/15Conservatism: The Antithesis of Racism Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/18Operation Pro-Life Cities, Mission One: Albuquerque Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/19Clarence Thomas vs. Barack Obama on Gettysburg, American Greatness Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/19Supreme Court Likely to Rule on Texas Abortion Safety Law Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/19Some D.C. Exchange Plans Cover Elective Abortion but Not Hearing Aids Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/22Obama gives abortion champion Gloria Steinem Medal of Freedom Award Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/22The Kennedy Assassination and American Patriotism Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/25High Oil Prices Taxing American Families--But There's A Solution Op-EdenOpEd2013/11/27Turning Thanksgiving into Black Thursday Op-EdenOpEd2013/12/03Obama Uses IRS to Eliminate His Enemies Op-EdenOpEd2013/12/06Is ObamaCare Barack Obama's Vietnam? 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Jerusalem? Op-EdenOpEd2013/12/19Abortion Coverage in the Maryland Health Exchange Op-EdenOpEd2013/12/21Judge Strikes Down Utah Traditional Marriage Laws, Calls Them 'Irrational' Op-EdenOpEd2013/12/23Real Poverty, True Wealth, and Christmas Op-EdenOpEd2013/12/25Reports of President Obama's Political Demise Greatly Exaggerated Op-EdenOpEd2013/12/23Hiding Obamacare's abortion coverage Op-EdenOpEd2013/12/22Militant Atheists' War on Christians and Christmas in 2013 Op-EdenOpEd2014/01/03Obama, the Confidence Man, and the Virtues of Humility Op-EdenOpEd2014/01/03Marriage Is a Matter of Definition Op-EdenOpEd2014/01/03Congress Defends Religious Freedom for the Troops Op-EdenOpEd2014/01/06Eternal Investments in the New Year Op-EdenOpEd2014/01/09They Will Lie To Your Casket Op-EdenOpEd2014/01/13States and Marriage: The Continuing Story Op-EdenOpEd2014/01/13Winning the Battle Against American Poverty Op-EdenOpEd2014/01/14Congress should protect states' right to define marriage Op-EdenOpEd2014/01/16Persecution, Repression, and Religious Liberty Op-EdenOpEd2014/01/16Remembering the religious freedoms we're losing Op-EdenOpEd2014/01/22Treating the Unborn in an Era of Abortion Op-EdenOpEd2014/01/23Our Fierce Urgency of Now Op-EdenOpEd2014/01/22How Republicans Should Handle The Inevitable ObamaCare Implosion Op-EdenOpEd2014/01/29Government Funding Increases Use of a Product or Service: Abortion is No Different Op-EdenOpEd2014/02/03A Divided House, a Divided Nation Op-EdenOpEd2014/02/03Selling Out Israel: The Obama-Kerry Plan Op-EdenOpEd2014/02/05Washington's topsy-turvy rhetoric escalates the war on faith Op-EdenOpEd2014/02/06Reagan the wise Op-EdenOpEd2014/02/06Constitutional silence does not necessarily justify federal action Op-EdenOpEd2014/02/06How Do We Eradicate Sex Trafficking? Op-EdenOpEd2014/02/10Religious liberty should trump HHS mandate Op-EdenOpEd2014/02/06States should retain power to define marriage Op-EdenOpEd2014/02/10The Green Family, the HHS Mandate, and Religious Freedom Op-EdenOpEd2014/02/11Don't Work, Just 'Dream' Op-EdenOpEd2014/02/11Religious Liberty Lip Service Op-EdenOpEd2014/02/12The Faith of Ronald Reagan Op-EdenOpEd2014/02/14Both Jesses Were Right Op-EdenOpEd2014/02/14And What if He is a Marxist? Op-EdenOpEd2014/02/17Gosnell's depravity brings pro-life awakening Op-EdenOpEd2014/02/18Will Supporters of the Benghazi Killers Immigrate to the US? 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