Radical Priorities Kerry the Day

February 12, 2015 - Thursday

Radical Priorities Kerry the Day

Most people probably assumed that America already had an ambassador for homosexuality: it's called the Obama administration. But now, Secretary John Kerry wants to make it official by creating a permanent position in the State Department devoted entirely to strong-arming other countries into embracing his view of homosexuality.

In another major U-turn from the Bush years, the Obama administration is adding a full-time, taxpayer-funded, openly gay diplomat to the payroll whose sole purpose will be forcing the President's radical social agenda on reluctant countries. And as usual, it preempted the legislation to appoint one. Senator Ed Markey (D-Mass.) had introduced a bill to go about this appointment the democratic way, but the White House decided to bypass the opposition and opted for the Lawlessness Express instead.

"We think of this new legislation as a very helpful vote of confidence," said a State Department official, "but we wouldn't want to wait for passage to do something we've long thought was the right thing to do and which has been in process." Of course not. The "we can't wait" President has been ignoring Congress's authority for years. Why stop now? For Secretary Kerry, who seems oblivious to any problem not preceded by the letters L-G-B-T, this only adds to his embarrassing diplomatic legacy.

Like Hillary Clinton before him, Kerry has turned the State Department into a satellite office of the Human Rights Campaign, where the only goal seems to be exporting homosexual extremism to a world preoccupied by far more important issues. The last time we heard from Kerry, it wasn't because he was doubling down on ISIS, helping persecuted Christians, or repairing our relationship with Israel -- it was in relation to his frantic search for the United States' first transgender ambassador.

As far as DOS is concerned, the most important message America can send to the world right now is "that protecting the rights of LGBT people will remain a key foreign policy priority of the United States." And its only priority, seemingly. While the Obama administration doesn't seem to mind meddling in other country's strongly-held moral traditions, it refuses to intervene when American lives are at stake -- or the basic human rights to life and religious liberty.

Where is this same boldness when it comes to captive U.S. Pastor Saeed Abedini or the millions of tortured and displaced Christians? Are we to believe that if Slovakia refuses to allow homosexuals to marry, the President would be more likely to speak on their behalf? That's the signal he seems to be sending -- intentionally or not -- with this appointment.

While Kerry races to employ an LGBT delegate, innocent Christians are on the edge of extinction at the hands of radical Islamists in the cradle of their own religion: Iraq. Just yesterday, former Congressman Frank Wolf came on the radio show to talk about his week in the eye of the ISIS storm.

"I come back pretty pessimistic," he told me. "I actually think ISIS is winning... Whatever you've heard, this is genocide. It's just genocide... Ancient Christian civilizations are on the verge of extinction... and the presence of the United States is almost non-existent." When you juxtapose what's happening at the State Department with what's happening in the rest of the world, it's easy to see why the President isn't taken seriously -- at home or abroad.

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