Activism Leaves Obama without a Leg(acy) to Stand on

November 13, 2015 - Friday

Activism Leaves Obama without a Leg(acy) to Stand on

The rainbow hasn't just colored the White House -- it's colored the president's entire legacy. For seven years, Americans have watched the Obama administration's obsession with LGBT activism eclipse every other urgent issue. Now, deep into the president's second term, they're scratching their heads trying to identify where the president has had a positive effect.

In a new poll, Obama's approval numbers are in the basement when it comes to at least 15 major policy issues. Only on the subject of "gay rights" did a slim plurality (with several "undecided") approve of his handling of the issue. Unfortunately for the president, it was also the least important issue for voters. The rest of his report card—on health care, the economy, gun rights, abortion, foreign policy, immigration, and more—was a solid F. And based on his latest priorities, that isn't about to change.

While the world is experiencing the largest forced migration since WWII, the White House is doing nothing to protect men and women of faith. Instead, the president is sending his special LGBT envoy to the Vatican to pressure the Pope to lighten up on homosexuality.

Even now, the president is proving how out of touch he is with Americans' real concerns by swooping in to Chicago support a boy's "right" to walk around naked in a girls' locker room. His fixation with sexualizing schools, the military, the government, other nations, is not only wasting precious time and energy -- it's detracting from the real crises at hand. Yet here he is, under the guise of the Department of Education, telling other parents of girls, that it's entirely within a child's right to ignore his own biology and expose himself to female peers.

And despite a reasonable compromise from the school (a curtain to protect girls from feeling more uncomfortable than they already are), the Obama DOE put its foot down. If the school doesn't give this boy full access to girls' facilities in 30 days, Washington will pull its federal funding. If only the president showed this kind of resolve with Iran! To the school's credit, it pushed back, insisting, "The students in our schools are teenagers -- not adults -- and one's gender is not the same as one's anatomy. Our responsibility as school administrators is to protect the privacy rights of all our students."

As a father of daughters, even President Obama should see the virtue in setting aside his agenda and embracing common sense. Or maybe not.

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