Life on the Digital Front

Life on the Digital Front

January 06, 2017

The fight for the lives of the unborn isn't just a policy battle waged on Capitol Hill, statehouses, executive offices, and courtrooms. The modern struggle for human life takes place with pro-lifers everywhere being a voice for the voiceless in their daily lives. With so much of our communication taking place in the digital sphere, it's not surprising that the pro-life movement is advancing through tweets, Facebook pages, blogs, and Instagram posts.

We at FRC want to help you as a digital activist be on the cutting edge of the pro-life movement. On the morning of January 27, 2017, pro-life digital activists will gather at Family Research Council headquarters for the ProLifeCon Digital Action Summit. At our 12th annual event, we will be joined by friends old and new as we discuss the most successful online strategies of the past year and look ahead to the opportunities before us under a new administration.

Activists, policy experts, and government officials will be on hand to discuss the issues impacting the pro-life movement, and share practical ways that you can make a difference with a profile and a phone. We're lining up some exciting speakers, including a special update from one of last year's most moving voices -- Brandon Buell, the father of "Jaxon Strong" Buell. This year's lineup promises a likewise strong list of confirmed speakers, like abortion survivor Melissa Ohden. You can watch last year's event here, and find out more about how you can participate in the 2017 event at our website here.

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