Atheists' Lamentations over Bible's Exodus

Atheists' Lamentations over Bible's Exodus

January 26, 2017

Atheists may not believe in God, but they certainly have a healthy fear of Him! What else could explain their obsession with kicking faith out of the public schools? And despite often being on the losing end of these battles, groups like American Humanist Association don't know the meaning of the word "quit." Over Christmas, they picked on a familiar target: a small school district in Missouri that they thought they could bully.

Turns out, Joplin's middle schools aren't easily intimidated. After a single parent complained about a morning Bible study in the auditorium, AHA fired off a threatening letter, warning that the district should suspend the club -- or else. The events were entirely student-led and funding with private dollars from the community. In other words, the atheists didn't have a case. And the district knew it. They stopped the breakfast events long enough to investigate, but concluded -- as any rational staff would -- that nothing about the Bible studies violated the law. Much to the frustration of the AHA, the group is set to reconvene next week. Lew Poe, a youth pastor at Wildwood Baptist Church, is just one of the relieved locals. "What the ultimate goal is, and was before, is to lift up student leaders," he told reporters.

Isabella Lankford, a sixth grader who campaigned to keep the study, is obviously one such leader. "My life pretty much centers around my faith and my relationship with Jesus. I chose Eagles for Christ to meet other students who have the same belief in Jesus as me. This has provided me with richer and more meaningful educational experience... In the future, I would hope it will be as accepted as my running club, drama club, and creative writing club." Let's hope more school districts take a page out of Joplin's book and stand up for the rights of all students -- including Christians!

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