Trump Must Protect Religious Liberty

Trump Must Protect Religious Liberty

January 31, 2017

The White House announced last night that it would not reverse a 2014 executive order by President Obama and an earlier order which required federal contractors to give special employment rights to people based upon their identification as LGBTQ. The media is abuzz seeing an issue that could become a wedge between the administration and one of the key constituencies responsible for its election victory -- evangelicals and people of faith. I disagreed with the order when it was issued, stating it was unnecessary and that people should not be granted special rights based upon their sexual identity. Many people of faith were also concerned that the Obama executive order would conflict with a prior executive order protecting faith-based contractors.

During the general election I stated there would be areas of disagreement with Mr. Trump. But one of the strongest areas of agreement was and remains religious liberty. I am prayerfully confident that the president and his team will issue an executive order ensuring charitable and religious organizations are not prohibited, because of their biblical views of marriage and human sexuality, from receiving contracts or grants from the federal government in order to provide critical services to people in need, like refugees and the homeless.

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