A Mandate with Destiny

A Mandate with Destiny

February 07, 2017

While Congress is racing to overturn the biggest mistake of President Obama's two terms, plenty of Americans are still suffering the effects of it. Obamacare continues to cost Americans -- not just in finances, but freedom. The courts are still bogged down with lawsuits over the HHS mandate, which orders employers -- under the threat of crushing fines -- to ignore their beliefs and cover pills or procedures they morally oppose.

That battle has been especially fierce on the west coast, where even churches are suing for the right to exercise their First Amendment rights in insurance policies in California. A little north in Washington State, a group of legislators are part of the endangered species of Obamacare supporters and are fighting -- not just to keep the law's grip on locals, but its suffocating, conscience-crushing mandate too. FRC's Arina Grossu, Director of the Center for Human Dignity, was on hand to reinforce what a terrible decision this would be for the Evergreen State. Earlier today, she testified against the bill that would make it all possible, H.B. 1523. Apart from the obvious problems with the measure, there are some concerns that because of how the legislation is drafted, it could actually be expanded to include things like elective abortion in the future. As Arina told lawmakers:

"FRC objects to both federal and state government mandates on drugs and devices that can destroy human life. H.B. 1523 is one such oppressive mandate, drafted in a way that can make it even more dangerous than the federal HHS Mandate when it comes to conscience violations. Whether or not you agree with the scientific facts presented about how drugs and devices such as Ella, Plan B, and some IUDs can destroy a human embryo, and whether or not you believe killing unborn human life is morally problematic, it is essential that the Washington government not force its residents who do have these objections to violate their conscience. We must protect religious liberty in Washington and all across America."

To check out her full testimony, click here. And if you live in Washington State, get busy contacting your leaders! Tell them that a vote for H.B. 1523 is a vote against the First Amendment.

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