Sweet New Home for Alabaman

Sweet New Home for Alabaman

February 09, 2017

Late yesterday, after 30 long hours of debate, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) finally traded in his old title for a new one: U.S. Attorney General. It was a rocky road for the Alabama Republican, who watched as the Left and liberal media dragged his 30-year career through the mud with bogus claims about the conservative's supposed racism. Fortunately, though, common sense (and the Republican majority) prevailed, sending the friend of FRC to the top of the DOJ by a 52-47 vote (only West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin sided with the GOP).

Despite the fierce fight over his confirmation, the law enforcement community and African Americans stood by Sessions, including colleague Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), who said his social media pages were littered with hostility for supporting the Alabaman. "If you sign up to be a black conservative," an unfazed Scott told reporters, "the chances are very high you will be attacked. It comes with the territory." Although the party divides were deep, the chamber did put aside its feelings after the vote long enough to shake Sessions's hand. "I can't express how appreciative I am for those of you who stood by me during this difficult time," the new attorney general told the group. "By your vote tonight, I have been given a real challenge. I'll do my best to be worthy of it."

Real challenge is right. If Sessions thought the confirmation battle was tough, wait until he sees his to-do list. After eight years of corruption at the Justice Department, the Alabaman will have his work cut out for him restoring a sense -- not just of credibility, but constitutionality at the nation's top law enforcement agency. First up? The legal defense of President Trump's immigration pause, which falls to Sessions's team to lead. As far as we're concerned, however, the administration -- and the country -- could not be in better hands. Congratulations, Attorney General Sessions! We look forward to a new day at DOJ with someone we can trust at the helm.

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