Braked Alaskan: Senator Stops Progress on Defund

Braked Alaskan: Senator Stops Progress on Defund

February 23, 2017

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski may have an "R" next to her name, but it ought to stand for rebel. The "Republican" moderate has made a career out of putting herself at odds with her party, especially on core issues like abortion. During this week's recess, the three-term senator continued her antagonism by staking out a position at odds with Senate leaders on the one of the top priorities of conservatives: defunding Planned Parenthood.

At a joint session of the Alaska legislature on Wednesday, she told legislators that she refused to hold Cecile Richards's group (which was just referred for criminal prosecution by her colleagues in the U.S. House) accountable. Instead of voting to redirect tax dollars to community health centers -- who actually provide the comprehensive care they say they do -- Murkowski would prefer to keep funneling cash to an organization whose biggest moneymaker is abortion. Although she claims she doesn't support taxpayer-funded abortion, the reality is that the government's support helps make Planned Parenthood's real business possible. By filling the group's pockets with more than a 500 million dollars a year, Cecile Richards can free up other resources for abortion.

Not surprisingly, Planned Parenthood praised their unlikely ally for the support. Jessica Cler, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii, which rallied outside the Juneau capitol, applauded Murkowski for what she called "bold leadership." Not many Republicans would agree, since Murkowski's defection would mean that the party has to win every other vote to pass its repeal. (Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, will most likely join Murkowski in backing the scandal-plagued group.) You can help the GOP jump those hurdles by putting pressure on your senators -- especially Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins -- to defund Planned Parenthood. If you haven't made them feel the heat, they'll never see the light! Take the time to email or call your senators today. Tell them to stop making excuses and defund Planned Parenthood. Abortion isn't -- and never will be -- health care!

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