FRC in the Spotlight

FRC in the Spotlight

February 23, 2017

That warm breeze you feel is the collective sigh of relief by the nation's moms and dads, now that the reckless Obama bathroom mandate has been rescinded. But in counties like Fairfax, will it make a difference? Even before the Obama administration evolved on transgenderism, the Fairfax County School Board voted 10-1 to make showers, locker rooms, bathrooms, sports teams -- even hotel rooms on overnight trips -- open to opposite-sex students who claim a gender contrary to their biology. Fairfax administrators weren't bribed or cowed into making these radical changes. They ran at them with open arms.

In today's Stream, FRC's Cathy Ruse fleshes out the fallout for local communities like Fairfax now that the administration has scrubbed Obama's order. Don't miss her piece, "Trump Reverses Federal Bathroom Folly, Will Fairfax Follow?"

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