Planned Parenthood: Knockin' on Bevin's Door

Planned Parenthood: Knockin' on Bevin's Door

March 14, 2017

Who would trust their health care to a group that doesn't know anything about medicine? Try the U.S. government. For years, they've been funneling billions of dollars to an organization that can't even answer basic questions on pregnancy: Planned Parenthood.

In an interview that should have been embarrassing for any group (let alone one trying to defend its half-billion dollars in taxpayer funding), Tucker Carlson asked questions that should have been easy for any "expert" in women's health to answer. "You work for the country's biggest abortion provider," Tucker said to Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens. "If you can hear the heartbeat of this thing, this fetus, what is it?" he asked. "Is it a piece of tissue or is it a separate human being?" Well, she replied, "I think that's up to each individual to decide." Surprised, Tucker tried again. "This is at the core of what you do -- you're the biggest abortion provider in the United States. It's not like you haven't thought of this," he pressed. Laguens paused and said again, "I think that's up to each individual to decide."

And this is an organization that's supposed to be on the cutting edge of women's health? A group that says "feelings" -- not settled science -- define human reality? Unfortunately, this is the kind of "create your own truth" thinking your tax dollars make possible. At least for now. If Republicans in Congress get their way, the days of Planned Parenthood's federal gravy train are numbered. In the Obamacare replacement making the rounds on Capitol Hill, gutting the group's funding is priority one. And while pieces of the bill may be negotiable, the White House has assured me that the portion stripping Planned Parenthood's tax dollars is not one of them. If anyone's grateful for that, it's the next generation of Americans. According to the Congressional Budget Office, defunding Planned Parenthood would mean that "several thousand" more children would live to see their birthday. In other words, the proposal wouldn't just save money -- it would save lives.

Meanwhile, in a deft move, President Trump has offered to keep the cash flowing to Cecile Richards's group. There's just one condition: Planned Parenthood would have to stop performing abortions. In a revealing reply, Richards called the idea "obscene and insulting." No, what's obscene is a group that destroys more than 330,000 innocent unborn children a year -- in large part because our tax dollars help them keep the other side of the business afloat. Carlson touched on the organization's obsession with abortion in his sit-down with Laguens. "[Why is abortion] so important to Planned Parenthood that you're willing to forgo half a billion dollars a year in federal subsidies?" he wanted to know. She stumbled through a response about not being "bullied."

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin (R) had a more accurate response. "Planned Parenthood is not about women's health. They're full of baloney." Like a lot of his counterparts, he's trying to sever ties with Richards's group and redirect state money to community health centers that may actually know a thing or two about women's health. A bill to do exactly that just passed the Kentucky House this week, helped along by Bevin's leadership on the issue. "[Planned Parenthood was] started basically to eliminate people that they considered to be unfit to live... The sooner we wake up to the reality of it and look at what the truth of what that organization is... the better it will be. Let's not waste our tax money pretending that they're a health care organization."

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