FRC in the O.C.

FRC in the O.C.

March 17, 2017

Electing a conservative president was the easy part. Now, we're two months into the real work: seizing this opportunity for lasting change. Last night, I was proud to speak to a group that makes that work possible: our California supporters. At FRC's annual Orange County banquet, I looked out on a crowd that was literally standing room only and thought, "What a difference a year makes." After eight years of Obama's all-out war on our values, hope wasn't exactly written on the faces of America. Now, conservatives are energized, engaged, and eager to write a new chapter for America.

Through our work on crafting the most conservative GOP platform in history, and then working with the Trump campaign, we helped turn an election that was personality-based, a non-starter for social conservatives, into a policy-based election focused on the Supreme Court, sanctity of human life, and religious freedom. Staying focused on those issues enabled many to keep from going a drift politically when the various scandals came crashing down during the campaign. It resulted in a record percentage of social conservatives -- 81 percent -- voting for Donald Trump. And in a post-election poll, 59 percent of Trump/Pence voters said the major factor in how they voted was the GOP's platform position on life and religious liberty.

That's what we did last year. Now we have to focus on what we must do this year. As I told them, there's a lot of work to be done to pull America out of this cultural tailspin the Obama administration put us in. I'm hopeful -- very hopeful -- but we have a lot of work to do to undo and rebuild what was done. And, as always, there's a lot of opposition to overcome. One of the wisest men to ever live, another king in another time and place, King Solomon said, "righteousness exalts a nation." It's not economic policy, as important as that is, that raises a nation to sustainable heights of well-being, it's not even military strength as fundamental as that maybe. It's the character of people. If we want to truly make America great again, then America must be morally and culturally good again. If you want to join FRC in that pursuit, partner with us. Together, we can have an eternal impact on America!

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