Conservatism: The Choice of the Next Generation?

Conservatism: The Choice of the Next Generation?

March 20, 2017

If you're worried about the future, don't be. Your values are in good hands! Generation Z is more than ready to carry the torch for the conservatism that many Millennials left behind, according to an encouraging set of polls. "For years, we've been hearing that one side of the political aisle is on 'the right side of history,'" Eric Metaxas writes for Break Point. "But history doesn't seem to be cooperating."

In a great new column, he gives Americans plenty of hope about today's teenagers. "According to a growing body of research, they may be, by certain measures, the most conservative generation since World War II -- more than Millennials, Generation Xers, and even Baby Boomers." After growing up as products of war, conflict, and recession (a stark contrast from the prosperity of their older brothers, sisters, and even parents), the generation who are starting to graduate high school have a far different view of the world: "pragmatic," as Godman-Sachs analysts describe it.

In the last election, the first wave of Generation Zers cast their first ballots – and not the way most people would expect. Asked where they rank on the spectrum, eight out of 10 kids said they were "fiscally conservative," Metaxas points out. At 70 million strong -- far larger than the generation that came before them -- that can only mean positive things for America's future. And the news only gets better. In Britain, these same teenagers were asked how they would describe their views on "same-sex marriage, transgender rights, and marijuana legalization." Believe it or not, almost 60 percent of them replied "conservative" or "moderate!" Compare that, Eric notes, with the 83 percent of Millennials who called themselves "liberal" on those same issues.

History tells us over and over again that what one generation rejects out of rebellion, the next generation often embraces out of necessity. As parents, we need to nurture these values and help train up young people to live out their beliefs in a world increasingly hostile to them. Fortunately, they have plenty of positive examples to learn from -- some of which I share in my book No Fear: Stories of a New Generation Standing for Truth. If you're looking for a way to encourage and empower a teenager in your life, pick up a copy. You'll discover there's still plenty of hope for America in their stories and others!

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