Saving Children Starts by Rescuing Moms

Saving Children Starts by Rescuing Moms

March 23, 2017

On Wednesday, Human Coalition president Brian Fisher presented a lecture at FRC on the role of technology and data in rescuing mothers and children from abortion. Fisher, whose team piloted the Human Coalition model of online marketing in 2007, shared crucial findings of Human Coalition's innovation team.

There are approximately 1.2 million American women who actively seek an abortion each year, according to Human Coalition research. This group of women is unreached and underserved by the pro-life movement, largely due to the massive resources required to find them and extend help. The challenge, Fisher explained, is that reaching the abortion-determined woman requires penetrating the abortion industry's target market and extending to abortion-seeking women a system of care that that they are not actively seeking.

Focusing on the market penetration and effective rate of the pro-life movement online, Fisher explained that Human Coalition was born out of the realization that these abortion-seeking women have almost zero chance of seeing a pro-life resources when searching for abortion procurement terms online. Human Coalition set out to bolster the pro-life movement's market penetration online.

Through search engine marketing (SEM), Human Coalition invaded the online space theretofore monopolized by the abortion industry. The result was that abortion-seeking women began to call Human Coalition's contact center, which works to bring the women into a system of care at one of Human Coalition's seven-owned and operated women's care clinics or 35 partner pregnancy resource centers. Effective SEM requires constant modification and evolution -- something Human Coalition's innovative team works full-time to monitor and adjust for maximum impact.

Approximately 95 percent of the women who contact Human Coalition after finding the organization online are actively seeking an abortion. This population, Fisher explained, is likely to seek abortion for financial and relational reasons, and extending compassion and tangible help in a safe and non-threatening environment introduces an element of hope into the decision-making process that is absent when abortion appears to be the only viable option. To date, Human Coalition has rescued 5,922 children from abortion. Learn more at For more on Wednesday's event, check out this article from the Washington Times.

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