Military at the Tip of the Speer

Military at the Tip of the Speer

March 27, 2017

The Obama administration didn't waste a single second of its final moments in power. When the moving vans were pulling up to the Pentagon, Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning was still cranking out politically correct regulations -- including the "Promoting Diversity and Inclusion" directive. The Trump team is stumbling on all kinds of last-minute policies like this one throughout the various federal agencies -- which are only making the mess they've inherited even bigger to clean up.

Under the Fanning directive, our friends at the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty protest the fact that it wastes important "time, energy, and manpower" developing yet another radical training tool. "The military exists to protect our nation, not to be used as a laboratory for social engineering -- and especially not from an outgoing official's 11th hour order," said the group's executive director, Chaplain Ron Crews, (U.S. Army-Ret.). "This directive does nothing to increase military readiness but wastes valuable training time just to promote a political agenda."

And it was a political agenda Fanning never bothered to hide. In his farewell interview with CBS, he was asked, "Do you think your being gay made you want to really focus on inclusivity and diversity in the Army?" "Absolutely." Later on, reporter Faith Salie wondered, "Do you think that your commitment to diversity in the Army will be continued in a new administration?" Fanning said he didn't know.

Crews and a number of retired chaplains certainly hope the military's focus will return to its' purpose -- fighting and winning wars. In a letter to Acting Secretary of the Army Robert Speer, they sound the alarm on Fanning's policy and ask his successor to rescind it. "The directive, in addition to adding layers of bureaucracy concerning the appointment of civilian and military leaders, requires the development of a plan to provide mandated 'training on implicit or unconscious bias.'" Of course, the problem is, as Crews points out, Fanning never defines what "bias" is. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that liberals would use it as an excuse to censor anyone with biblical beliefs. "Given the variety of serious threats our military faces every day, the Army must cease from continuing such training mandates that cannot be shown to help our soldiers be better prepared for combat readiness," the group writes.

Obviously, no one can undo eight years of anti-faith, anti-American lawlessness overnight, but we're confident the Trump team is taking the job seriously. They understand, as we do, that the only way to rebuild our troops into the most elite fighting force in the world is to clear the decks of distractions like this one. "Our enemies don't care about how well versed we are on tolerance, inclusion, diversity, or sensitivity," FRC's Lt. General Jerry Boykin (U.S. Army-Ret.) points out. "All they will be concerned with is whether we are capable of and willing to kill or capture them on the battlefield."

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