Trump Looks to FRC Alums to Right HHS

Trump Looks to FRC Alums to Right HHS

May 02, 2017

If personnel is policy, then FRC can certainly vouch for the two newest faces at Health and Human Services. In separate announcements over the last few days, Donald Trump has appointed a pair of the most qualified pro-life leaders to significant posts at HHS. How do we know they're qualified? Both of them worked for FRC!

Most movement conservatives are familiar with Charmaine Yoest, the former head of Americans United for Life. Her time at AUL, fighting for the unborn and drafting model legislation to help states do the same, was a draw for Secretary Tom Price, who is busy transforming Obama's taxpayer-funded abortion factory to a legitimate health agency that views all life as valuable. In her new role as assistant secretary of public affairs, Charmaine will be taking the messaging helm from a woman who was just named vice president of communications for Planned Parenthood. (If anything illustrates the sea change of the Trump administration, it's that!) The pick was so notable that even Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) tweeted his support of Charmaine. "Congrats to @CharmaineYoest on appointment as Asst Sec of @HHS. Yet again, this admin demonstrates strong commitment to the #prolife cause."

The Trump team, which has done nothing but validate pro-lifers' support, gave them more to cheer with the hiring of Teresa Wagner Manning, another FRC veteran, to head the agency's Title X Family Planning program. A principled attorney, who's spent her career as a voice for the voiceless, Teresa's experience spans from the courtroom to the classroom. Now, after years as a lobbyist and policy analyst, she'll help HHS offer real help for women -- not just taxpayer-funded abortion masquerading as health care.

Not surprisingly, the Left had plenty to say about both of Trump's choices. After all, Manning, in particular, is an expert on the dangers of the abortion drug, RU-486, and morning-after pills. She understands the threat that Obama's brand of "family planning" causes to women and will do her best to give women the truth and help they deserve.

As former coworkers, we couldn't be prouder of Charmaine and Teresa and look forward to seeing how they bring security back to taxpayers and credibility back to HHS!

Tony Perkins' Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.

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