Transgender Ideology in Schools: Parents Fight Back!

Transgender Ideology in Schools: Parents Fight Back!

May 05, 2017

Fairfax County, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C., has been one of the chief battlegrounds over the infiltration of transgender ideology in the public schools ever since the School Board of the nation's tenth largest school district instituted new "gender identity" policies two years ago. Today, veterans of that battle shared what they have learned in a panel discussion at FRC titled, "Transgender Ideology in Schools: Parents Fight Back." School Board member Elizabeth Schultz, the lone dissenter in 2015, shared about how the adoption of the gender identity policy simply skipped all the processes of research, analysis, and public comment.

It took the district 10 years to decide to make the start time for high school later, but only a few weeks to decide to allow biological males into girls' locker rooms. Meg Kilgannon, part of a parents' group in the county, gave a checklist of practical tips -- noting, for example, the potential for unusual alliances with radical feminists on the transgender issue, and urging parents to "engage, educate, explain, empower, and elect."

Josh Hetzler, an attorney with the Family Foundation of Virginia, explained the legal issues at the federal level (the meaning of "sex" in the law known as Title IX) and the state level (the "Dillon Rule" which sharply curtails the powers of local governments). FRC Senior Fellow Cathy Ruse -- a Fairfax parent herself -- moderated the event, and FRC's Peter Sprigg joined the panel for Q&A. Check it out below and read Peter's pamphlet, A Parent's Guide to the Transgender Movement in Education.

P.S. Speaking of privacy, if you have friends and family in Texas, will you forward them this urgent request? I've written before about the need for Texas leaders to pass a privacy bill. Monday is the last day for Texas House bills to get a vote in committee, and the chairman of the House State Affairs Committee needs to hear from Texans that they want this bill (HB 2899) brought up for a vote.

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