Geologist Leaves No Stone Unturned

Geologist Leaves No Stone Unturned

May 23, 2017

Barack Obama may not be on the job anymore, but plenty of his appointees are. And unfortunately, those government holdovers are still having an impact on core values like religious liberty. While the Trump administration continues the long process of cleaning house, some injustices -- like Dr. Andrew Snelling's -- go on deep within the government.

We told you Snelling's incredible story, three years in the making, earlier in the month. After a routine request to study rocks and soil at Grand Canyon National Park, the geologist was denied. Shocked, Snelling inquired why. After all, no other scientist had gotten the run-around. He found out later that government workers specifically discriminated against Snelling because he's a Christian with biblical beliefs about creation.

Obviously, President Trump is doing what he can to stop the hostility toward religious liberty, but it takes time. "This case is all about giving the freedom for a scientist to do good science without having to undergo a religious litmus test. I'm merely asking for equal treatment by the government," the Christian geologist told the media. You can help! Sign FRC's petition and stand with Dr. Snelling -- and every Christian in America -- who wants (and deserves) the freedom to live and work according to their beliefs.

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