Oregon Starved for Morals under Radical Bill

Oregon Starved for Morals under Radical Bill

June 14, 2017

If you have a history of mental illness in your family, stay away from Oregon! The state isn't exactly the friendliest place to be for people suffering from things like Alzheimer's and dementia. Under a new bill just passed by the Oregon Senate, SB 494, there could be situations, the local Right to Life chapter writes, "where an incompetent person's life may be ended according to the wishes of their health care representative, even if it's against the unwritten or ambiguously written desires of the incompetent person."

That's the shocking situation staring down Oregon residents, where a controversy around a woman's dying wish sparked a new push for a far more extreme assisted suicide policy than the one on the books. The bill was introduced after a woman's family sued her nursing home to stop feeding and hydrating her intravenously. They argued that the woman, who was suffering from Alzheimer's, signed a directive saying she didn't want to be fed. The family lost the suit in court, because she was still expressing a desire to eat -- and could still do so with her hands.

Now, Oregon liberals are taking the state in a radical new direction in response, voting a bill through the senate that some, including pro-life leader Gayle Atteberry, believe "opens a door to a whole new classification of people who can be legally killed… including killing conscious, non-dying adults, incapacitated because of mental illness, who have not asked to be killed." If the measure passes, patients with mental issues may actually have to opt-in to basic necessities like food and water instead of opt-out. It's a frightening new world, where cost outweighs care. And killing is excused by a twisted conscience.

If you live in Oregon, join us in opposing this slippery slope. Contact your leaders in the state house and remind them that there's no freedom in taking a life -- at any stage. Unfortunately, this is the lie of the culture of death that's expanding right along with abortion. Both movements are fueled by a selfish belief that people are burdens, not blessings. But as far too many people find out -- too late -- ending a life will always cause more suffering than it cures.

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