What's the Real Nature of Politics? Find out June 28th!

What's the Real Nature of Politics? Find out June 28th!

June 19, 2017

Is being right enough to win? Political history might prove otherwise. If you allow your opposition to organize and communicate better than you do, they'll beat you no matter how right you are. You owe it to your philosophy to study how to win. You have a moral obligation to learn how to win.

At next Wednesday's policy lecture with the Leadership Institute's Robert Arnakis, FRC is helping conservatives learn the real nature of politics and overcome the odds. Robert's 15 years of grassroots organizing, campaign, fundraising, and communications experience has established him as one the country's top political trainers. His background includes serving as campaign staff on presidential, congressional, municipal, and initiative-focused campaigns. Robert's best campaign memory was assisting U.S. Senator John Thune in defeating Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle. Join us online or at FRC headquarters to become one of the tens of thousands of activists trained with his winning playbook.

To register for the June 28th event, visit our website. The event kicks off at noon. Don't miss it!

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