Hot off the Press!

Hot off the Press!

July 06, 2017

It was true before the U.S. presidential election and it remains true today: The problems we face are not just political and cultural. At their core, they are spiritual. I believe we received a reprieve from our worsening cultural condition by avoiding the election of Hillary Clinton. With the election of Donald Trump, we may have a window of opportunity. But this window will not be open long. God certainly hasn't placed us here at this time in history to sit passively on the sidelines hoping that things will change. He has given us the opportunity to act while we still have the freedom to do so. (Continue reading my column in Billy Graham's Decision magazine here...)

If you're looking for summer reading, the FRC team has been writing plenty! Don't miss these great new op-eds on everything from the military to Masterpiece Cakes. Check out what experts like Ken Blackwell have to say in Huffington Post, "Where Are the Decent Liberals?" or Travis Weber's piece in The Federalist, "Attacks on America's First Freedom Increased 76 percent in Three Years." My take on the Defense Department's transgender policy was just published in the Christian Post, "Pentagon Transgender Agenda Won't Improve Military Readiness, Costs $3.7 Billion," and you can catch Travis's encore in USA Today on the importance of Jack Phillip's case in a Letter to the Editor here.

Also, for more on the voter fraud debate, don't miss Ken's CNN interview from his seat on the president's commission on election integrity.

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