U.S. Funds Fish Art to the Tuna $10,000

U.S. Funds Fish Art to the Tuna $10,000

July 12, 2017

The abuse of taxpayer dollars stings -- and not just because it's funding the saguaro cactus! That's just one of the highlights in OpenTheBooks.com's new report on the epic waste taking place at the National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities. It's no wonder the Trump administration is saying it's curtains for the NEA and other arts projects. Based on OpenTheBook's findings, these grants are only setting the stage for the liberal agenda.

There are no words for the $20,000 going to the San Francisco Mime Troupe every year, whose latest act suggests it's safer to fight overseas than to live in "the police state of America." For the love of cod, we're spending another $10,000 for an L.A. dance troupe to build a 15-foot fish. At South Dakota State University, students begged for $11,987 to preserve "National Hobo Day," complete with a "Bummobile" that drove through the homecoming parade. Cactus makes perfect in Arizona, where it apparently takes $10,000 for the Borderlands Theater to set up chairs for an hour-long "listening session" next to the spiky plants. Another $55,000 went to publish such scholarly works as "The Feminist Porn Book" or produce "queer arts dance" productions like "Boys Bite Back."

In San Francisco, the Asian American Women Artists Association dropped $10,000 on one of the founding members of the Osama bin Laden fan club. The Japanese-American civil rights leader they honored once said she considered the 9/11 mastermind "one of the people I admire." There's spender in the grass at Georgia's Kennesaw State University, which dropped $20,000 on a fake lawn display (which onlookers said was really just hanging lights).

Unfortunately, that's just a sampling of the ways the arts are blowing through our tax dollars. Yesterday, on "Washington Watch," OpenTheBooks.com's Adam Andrzejewski explained how unnecessary these grants are. "We show empirically that eight out of every 10 dollars of arts and humanities funding isn't going to the starving artists. It's going to well-heeled institutions that have plenty of assets. In fact, eight out of 10 dollars goes to organizations that have over one million dollars of financial assets... So they don't need taxpayer money, but they're taking taxpayer money." As I told Adam, it's not like these are impoverished organizations. The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) has raked in $1.2 million in federal dollars since 2009 despite having more than $3.7 billion in financial assets. Obviously, we don't need to funnel $25,000 to the Shakespeare festival every year to know their cries for money are much ado about nothing!

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