D.C.'s Great Wipe Hope

D.C.'s Great Wipe Hope

July 13, 2017

Washington, D.C. is obsessed with the environment, but it’s their morals that may be the most polluted. The capital city would barely be recognizable to the Founders, who hoped it would represent the best America had to offer. Instead, it’s 68-square miles of failing schools, broken families, drug abuse, assisted suicide, crime, and social radicalism. So, when the city says its sewage is overflowing, we have to wonder which kind they mean.

In a debate that would be comical if it weren’t so symbolic of the city’s backwards thinking, District leaders are asking Congress to keep its hands off their new ban on disposable wet wipes. “Wet wipes in the District,” D.C. Democratic Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton said at a press conference. “I never believed I’d have to talk about wet wipes standing at a podium in the Congress of the United States.” Nor, I’m sure, did Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.), who -- like most conservatives -- thinks the city’s overreach is preposterous. Cynthia Finley, director of regulatory affairs for the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, defended it as a “common sense wipes law. “They form massive fatbergs that cause problems and sewage overflows.” What does this have to do with Congress, you wonder? Thankfully, the U.S. House has the responsibility of overseeing the city’s laws, which has become quite a job lately. With D.C. going out on extreme limb with its Reproductive Non-Discrimination Act, assisted suicide, marijuana, the House Financial Services Committee has its hands full reining in the extremists on the city council.

Like us, they can’t believe that the capital city wants to micromanage wipes -- but could care less that their streets are full of homeless people strung out on the drugs they legalized. If you want to clean up the capital, start with its values! It’s amazing. D.C. is concerned about what parents are using on public changing tables but couldn’t care less how its city is changing under this far-Left lurch. Unfortunately, the District is a classic example of what’s wrong with America. Liberal leaders are preoccupied with the “environment” while their moral one implodes.

Fortunately, conservatives like Rep. Harris are doing what they can to fix the city’s upside-down priorities, starting with D.C.’s assisted suicide policy. As part of the Financial Services bill, he’ll tackle a District law that’s so extreme a doctor doesn’t even have to be present for a patient to take their own life and patients can define a “terminal disease” as something as treatable as diabetes! Even insurance companies are invited to pay for the lethal drugs. There are absolutely no parameters for the destruction of valuable human life. In other words, lives are disposable, but wipes aren’t.

It’s time to help D.C. to worry about something else going down the tubes: not wipes -- but moral values, which will do far more damage to the future of the capital than pipes full of lumpy white paper.

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