Great Scott! Libs Attack Trump Bank Pick

Great Scott! Libs Attack Trump Bank Pick

July 27, 2017

Believing in natural marriage didn't cost Barack Obama a job in 2008 -- so how can it disqualify a conservative from one now? Good question. Former Congressman Scott Garrett's views aren't exactly controversial. At election time, 53 percent of Americans believed "marriage should only be defined as the union of a man and woman," putting President Trump's pick to head the Export-Import Bank squarely in the majority of public opinion on the issue.

Unfortunately for Scott, his qualifications for the job aren't nearly as important to the Left as his mainstream beliefs. After spending the last several weeks smearing Garrett, opponents -- including the National Association of Manufacturers -- are launching ads to block his confirmation to ExIm, because, one media outlet points out, they don't like his views on sexuality.

What does that have to do with his resume? Absolutely nothing. But that doesn't seem to matter to liberals, who are desperate to kill Garrett's nomination. Like Trump, the New Jersey representative opposed the agency during his time in Congress. Both men had hoped to abolish the Bank but changed their minds once they realized what a principled leader could do to reform the organization. Scott Garrett is exactly the man to do it. During his time in Congress, he had a reputation as a truly honorable leader on fiscal and social issues. He took a strong stance on life and religious liberty and was a major advocate of respecting the Constitution -- so much so that he also helped found the powerful House Freedom Caucus.

If the Left opposes Garrett, it's because they think he can deliver the change the agency so desperately needs. For too long, the Bank and its board have been at the center of billions of dollars of trade. If anyone can clean up the abuse, waste, and fraud, it's Scott. If the Senate doesn't confirm his nomination, conservatives will strongly oppose the entire slate of ExIm nominees to the board of directors that doesn't include Garrett as president. Contact your senators and tell them to support the administration's efforts to give the Bank the leadership it needs to restore its credibility.

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