Privacy Bill Gets the Blessing of Local Pastors

Privacy Bill Gets the Blessing of Local Pastors

August 04, 2017

The hot summer is getting even hotter in Austin, where voters are ramping up the pressure on the state legislature to finish the job it started on privacy. Yesterday, a group of faith leaders descended on the Texas Capitol to rally for the bill that would stop liberals from flinging open the locker, shower, and bathroom doors to people of both genders.

Surrounded by hundreds of people, the legislation's sponsor, Senator Lois Kolkhorst (R) continued her stand for a common-sense bill, which has the support of an overwhelming number of Texans. "There should just be some boundaries we have," she told the crowd. "I am not scared to profess that the Lord God saw it this way, and I believe this is what we should do."

Pastor Bill Owens, like many African Americans, rejects the Left's comparisons between the civil rights movement and the transgender agenda. "I marched to be able to go to the school of my choice, to get a job I was qualified for. Did not march one foot, one yard, one mile for men to go in women's restrooms," he said to cheers and chants like "Let the House vote!"

While most everyone else seems to understand the foolishness of such a policy, House Speaker Joe Straus (R) continues to be a thorn in his party's side. When he isn't stonewalling the bill, he's busy spreading lies about it. Last month, to the shock of everyone, he claimed it would lead to more suicides. After months of bucking his own party, Straus seems no more ready to cooperate for the good of the state than before. FRC Action is doing its best to change that, launching ads across the state to pressure him and House State Affairs Committee Chairman Byron Cook to stop bottling up the bills and let the House vote.

From Washington, where Congress watched President Trump roll back Obama's gender-free bathroom mandate, Rep. Pete Olson (R-Texas) is ready for his home state to act. The only reason this debate is even necessary, he argues, is because of Obama's overreach.

"Why has the State of Texas felt the need to address this issue? Because the Obama administration chose to bypass Congress to set social policy, by specifically changing the definition of 'sex' in federal civil rights law to include 'gender identity.' By doing so, President Obama unilaterally rewrote a law without an act of Congress, which violates the Constitution.

The 10th Amendment is very clear -- issues such as these should be left to states and localities to make. Washington bureaucrats have no business forcing their views on individual communities. What works for one state or county may not work for another. The founding fathers never intended unelected bureaucrats in federal agencies to make sweeping changes without the approval of Congress. We must restore the voice of the people given to them by our Constitution and put an end to this dangerous precedent of removing Congress' power to make laws."

Congressman Olson is doing what he can to stop this dangerous (and unconstitutional) agenda with his new "Civil Rights Uniformity Act." Until then, he hopes Texas will do its part pushing back on this dangerous agenda.

Tony Perkins' Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.

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