Seize the Season... in Louisiana!

Seize the Season... in Louisiana!

September 12, 2017

From the onset, the ambience at FRC's Watchmen on the Wall "Seize the Season" Pastor's Rally in Louisiana was one of an unspoken brotherhood of pulpit warriors ready to hear a call of action from the line of up speakers assembled. Together with others, I challenged the 100 pastors in attendance by reminding them "that we are entering into the hour of the church." As I reminded them, "We don't need politics in the church, we need the church in politics."

Will Hall of the Louisiana Baptist Convention encouraged the pastors to look into their congregation to fill positions in local school boards, city councils, state congressional and federal congressional and senate seats. Louisiana Family Forum President Gene Mills urged, "It's time we, the church, hold our elected officials accountable -- not to their campaign promises, but the biblical grid of morals we uphold as truths." Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry rocked the room with excitement by sharing the historical impact of 1,700 Presbyterian pastors, including Peter and Frederick Muhlenberg elaborating, "Our freedom is solely dependent on what we say in our pulpits."

Ohio Pastor J.C. Church, part of the FRC team, brought the crowd to its feet challenging them to embrace the "power of pastoral partnership" that he believes will give birth to brotherhood and partnership in our communities." Reiterating the Watchmen focus, J.C. said, "Think nationally, but act locally." The greatest enemies we face, FRC's Lt. General Jerry Boykin (U.S. Army-Ret.) reminded them "are apathy and ignorance." He went on, "This is our opportunity, our time, our obligation, to restore the morals of our country for the sake of our children and grandchildren."

The speakers were supported with applause, shouts of "Amen!" and cheers of approval. Many signed cards of commitments to stand with FRC as pastors who will pray, preach and partner....many more signed up their churches to create a Culture Impact Team in their church. If you'd like to learn how your church can get involved with FRC's Watchmen on the Wall ministry, check out our site here.

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