Kellyanne Conway to Address VVS

Kellyanne Conway to Address VVS

October 11, 2017

She was the first woman to run a successful U.S. presidential campaign. She proved her mettle time and again in the face of withering attacks by the media. Kellyanne Conway, Senior Counselor to the President of the United States, has been confirmed to speak at the Values Voter Summit on Friday morning shortly after President Trump concludes his remarks. Don't miss her magnetic dynamism -- register now for the 2017 Values Voter Summit on October 13-15!

A Washington, D.C. institution since 2006, the Values Voter Summit was described by Vice President Pence as "the greatest gathering of conservative pro-family Americans in the nation." Dozens of our nation's conservative leaders will be speaking at this year's event, which will also feature informative breakout sessions, exhibits, a student mixer, book signings, and the Faith, Family & Freedom Gala. There is still time to be a part of Seizing the Moment!

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