When the Cohen Gets Tough, the GOP's Tough Get Cohen

When the Cohen Gets Tough, the GOP's Tough Get Cohen

December 01, 2017

The violence in Charlottesville, Virginia this summer was a bonanza for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), as it (and the media coverage of it) helped fuel their fabricated claims that "hate" is on the rise in the United States. That's why J. Richard Cohen, president of the SPLC, was a witness before a hearing of the House Homeland Security Committee yesterday.

Fortunately, some members of the committee took the opportunity to challenge Cohen about SPLC's finances, as well as their subjective and biased "hate group" designations -- and the serious consequences that have flowed from them. Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.) raised the financial issue, asking, "Why would there be a need for the SPLC to have off-shore accounts -- reported up to $69 million -- in areas like the Cayman Islands?" Cohen's response on behalf of his "nonprofit" raised more questions than it answered, when he said, "First, it avoids certain kinds of filings, and it avoids unrelated business income tax."

Rep. Thomas Garrett (R-Va.) -- whose district actually includes Charlottesville -- pointed to public records of political donations indicating that almost all the gifts given by SPLC senior leaders are for liberal causes or candidates. He indicated how troubling it is "to see an entity that has essentially been de facto made responsible for determining what is and isn't 'hate,' that skews almost exclusively... in a particular direction." Cohen's toughest interrogator, though, was Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.), who pointed out how incongruous it is that the SPLC "includes as hate groups mainstream, non-violent public policy groups like the Family Research Council and the public interest law firms like Alliance Defending Freedom, but it doesn't list Antifa or other anarchist groups that... literally call for violence against individuals... To me that reduces your credibility."

Later, Cohen testified about working with Google to change their search algorithm, in part because when Charleston (S.C.) church shooter Dylann Roof did a Google search it led him to racist websites. Rep. Perry pounced, saying, "What about when Mr. Corkins googled your website and then went and shot up the Family Research Council, including shooting an individual there, and then said that he was inspired by your website?" Cohen dismissed any responsibility, but Perry pressed on, saying, "You're [not] responsible, but yet Dylann Roof read whatever he read and that is held as responsible for what he did? ...[I]t seems like a breathtaking double standard."

The curtain is being pulled back on the uber-leftist organization SPLC and you can help spread the word. Tell people to visit the website www.splcexposed.com to see how this anti-Christian organization has not only infiltrated government agencies, but even elementary schools.

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