Church Nightmare a Wake-up Call on 'Tolerance'

Church Nightmare a Wake-up Call on 'Tolerance'

February 14, 2018

"It's absolutely crazy." That's all Pastor Jeremy Schossau could say about all that his church has endured in the last several days. From shutting down their social media to being on a heightened security alert, the congregation of Riverside, Michigan never dreamed this much hate could exist over such a simple, Bible-based workshop.

"People have literally threatened to kill me and my family, to burn our house down, to burn our church down, to assault the people of our church and our staff." Surprised? he said. "That's an understatement." At one point, Metro City Church was getting 40 messages a minute. "Thousands upon thousands of hate-filled notes, 24 hours a day," he told me on last night's "Washington Watch." One man was even arrested after a gun threat. All because Pastor Schossau dared to offer hope, healing, and life-saving (according to one teenage girl) help to kids struggling with the sexual questions of the day. The schools are talking about it, he pointed out. Sit-coms and society too. But the church can't?

All Metro City church wanted to do was walk families through what the Bible has to say about the issue of gender and sexuality. And for that, legislators want Pastor Schossau to be formally investigated. When I asked him what he thought about two state representatives coming after him for opening a simple dialogue on the issue, he said, "Apparently, [they're] against conversations or against parental rights." As far as liberals are concerned, there's no right to have a discussion or talk openly with your kids, even if they initiate it! And anyone who tries will be viciously harassed, persecuted, and intimidated.

"This is all coming from a tolerant loving community? An open-minded community that seeks to be understood and wants to understand others?" Pastor Schossau said. "That is crazy." Welcome to the politics of the Left. But if LGBT activists thought they could intimidate the church, they were mistaken. "We're not going anywhere, Tony. We will love anybody who walks through our doors. We will not condemn anybody -- but we will not back down from what Jesus tells us." Don't miss his powerful interview, which is nothing less than a profile in courage. Then, when you're done, stand alongside Pastor Schossau and the rest of Metro City Church by signing our petition demanding that Rep. Camilleri and Rep. Zemke withdraw their call for an investigation and respect the church's freedom to teach what the Bible says about sexuality.

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