Michigan Pastors to State: Leave Our Churches Alone!

Michigan Pastors to State: Leave Our Churches Alone!

February 15, 2018

If anti-Christian activists thought intimidating one pastor was tough, try a whole group! Early this afternoon in Lansing, Michigan, Metro City Church's Jeremy Schossau found himself surrounding by reinforcements. After weeks of death threats, harassment, vile phone calls, and enhanced security measures, Schossau, flanked by other pastors at the state capitol, demanded that opponents back off and leave his congregation alone.

FRC's own Randy Wilson opened the press conference by applauding Metro City Church for offering hope, healing, and help to young girls in the community struggling with their sexuality. Unfortunately for Pastor Jeremy, not everyone appreciates the church's offer to provide biblical answers to complicated questions. Activists launched a vicious protest against the congregation, which now includes the formal demand by two state legislators for the church to be investigated. The pastors gathered called on the state to stop interfering with Metro City's ministry.

"We just want a place where we can have conversation, not condemnation... This is what the church has always done. People have always gone to their spiritual leaders for direction on the questions in their lives... And we don't need the government to tell us what we can and cannot say," he told the reporters gathered.

Other church leaders, like Stephanie Wilkins, were outraged by the state's encroachment. "We live in a country that was founded on religious freedom... Our Constitution guarantees us that freedom." With great passion, she reminded people that it's not the state's job to dictate faith or how the church operates. "Our edict comes from the Lord," she reminded people. "We shall not and will not give it up. We speak about difference and inclusion, but is it something we actually espouse? ...This is not a time to acquiesce to the government; this is time to take hold of our freedom."

We all, others warned, could be in Pastor Schossau's shoes. It's time, as many said, to rise up – and stand up – for truth. Sign our petition to Michigan legislators calling on them to withdraw their demands for a state investigation of the church. To hear more, check out the Facebook Live video of this afternoon's event or my interview with FRC's Randy Wilson on today's "Washington Watch."

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